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The contact centers of the future are going to feature the best of holistic and intelligent applications ecosystem. In the true spirit of transformation, we have fused together technology solutions powered by automation, touchless and immersive approaches and intelligent AI focused offerings to offer value to businesses and help them thrive in disruptive times. We strive to help enterprises transform from a reactive need-based approach to a more proactive customer-focused approach by enabling digital customer experience with a specialized touch, AI-based decision support and data-driven outcome-based contracts.

  • While technology permeates many aspects of our and our customers’ lives, what brings us the greatest joy is the ability to bring smiles and joy to others.

Hexaware provides unique contact center digital transformations through digital leapfrogging, intelligent automation using Chatbots and AI, cloud, automation and RPA/IPA enabling the digital workforce and engaging the ‘anywhere employee’. Our solutions are customizable as per your exact requirements, provide cost benefits, process efficiency and technology resolutions par excellence to help fund automation-led sustainable cost takeout and omnichannel experience.

  • Best Customer Experience via Omnichannel helpdesk
  • Best Bots, AI & Automations Powered by AI platform
  • Customer Support at Scale Core Helpdesk functionalities
  • Drive engagement and create lasting customer success

The Millennial Mobility

In today’s age, mobile connectivity is advancing rapidly and with ease of smartphone availability, enterprises are using this channel for customer engagement, business enablement and collaboration for workplace productivity. And with differentiated needs of Millennials and the GenZ population, service providers need to have a distinguished approach to cater to this segment.

Hexaware’s Millennial and GenZ focused solution is designed to target the growing said and unsaid needs of our clients’ end consumers. New-gen customers prefer mobile app-based support rather than the traditional calling or email channels. This fast-paced generation expects service providers to understand their behavioral patterns, likes and dislikes and provide support in their preferred channels of communication. The expertise in serving this demographic comes from serving several ecommerce and retail customers with a strong consumer base in this age group. Our solution app-based service support solution extends to stakeholder management as well and not just end users. This solution adds another layer of support to enhance creating of a revenue generation mechanism by cross selling and upselling services.

Our success with leading clients in the retail space has positioned Hexaware as a leader in the Ecommerce segment. Our partnership with Genesys, Freshworks, Zendesk and Twilio brings adds best-in-class omnichannel experience coupled with cloud-based solutions for ensuring seamless customer experience and giving us the extra edge over competitors during seasonal spikes.

Digital Banking Contact Center

In retail banking, the dynamics of Contact Center have transformed over the years. With increasing complexities in digital customer interactions, contact centers have evolved from handling mainly transactional queries to becoming an omnichannel hub for banks.

Hexaware’s Digital Banking Contact Center solution is aimed at enabling the migration of traditional banks to smart digital banks with focus on serving diverse demographics, bring about immersive customer experience and deliver improved business outcomes. Our solution is embellished with revenue enablement, cross selling and up selling across customer interactions.

Hexaware has differentiated propositions across segments based on the customer personas:

  • Customized omnichannel support for millennials and GenZ customers across their preferred channel of communication
  • Special focus on needs of women consumers
  • Supporting baby boomers who find it arduous to comprehend technology by guiding their migration to digital banking

These demography-based precise solutions integrated with practical expertise, skilled professionals, specialized partners and cutting edge technology differentiates Hexaware amongst its peers, which we further strengthen by providing personalized customer experiences and leveraging intelligent automation expertise to build powerful digital solutions.

Virtual Relationship Manager (VRM) & Closed Loop

Uninterrupted customer service is key to customer retention and contact center operations need to be tweaked to accommodate strategies for increased engagement and better customer relationship management capabilities.

Hexaware’s Virtual Relationship Manager helps enterprises drive a higher level of customer service for increasing customer retention. Hexaware serves as a partner of growth across customer experience-centered business services for our clients. Our solution framework is based on pillars like Touchless & Immersive Customer Experiences, ‘Digital Leapfrogging’ and Automation-led Sustainable Cost Takeout; this differentiates us from our peers and positions us as a Challenger BPO in the current business services market.

Hexaware also provides closed looping services where we put focus on perpetual corroboration of query resolutions. We believe it our responsibility to fulfil the gap in our client’s business operations to ensure a seamless experience.

In our previous engagements with leading enterprises across Telecom and HiTech firms, we have enabled our clients to reap benefits of increased customer retention, revenue generation through upselling, quicker first time resolution (FTR) and lower complaints due to closed looping. Our extensive domain experience has helped us drive superior customer experiences for our clients’ end customers.

Facilities Management Support

Customer Experience (CX) is evolving beyond a conventional contact center setting to a more robust system that focusses on end-to-end management of client’s CX requirement. The changes in demand and need to operate in a cost-efficient manner has urged retail outlets to look for more outsourcing options to manage retail operations.

Hexaware’s Facilities Management Support solution focusses on reimagining store operations by transforming customer experience to advance revenue and heighten brand experience. Our differentiated solution is based on taking end-to-end ownership of all store related requests thus moving from a traditional service desk model to a flexible global CX support solution coupled with Intelligent Automation-led interventions. Our technological support landscape covers:

  • Asset Management: Assets tagging, Assets record management for proactive maintenance to ensure lesser disruptions
  • Omnichannel Support: Core telephony technology implementation with business logic and reporting functionalities
  • Field Service Management: Integrating field engineers with ticket workflow to manage filed services efficiently and reduce cycle time of work orders
  • Real-time Reporting: Visibility into work order journey and 360-degree analytics

Our previous engagements with leading retail businesses have helped us gain expertise in servicing retail store outlets and improving brand experience. Our differentiation lies in the ability to transform the service desk operations to a more CX-centric support mechanism for serving the end customers better.

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