RapidX™ is our proprietary platform, comprising a suite of tools designed to build better products from start to finish. By leveraging generative AI, RapidX™ upgrades productivity, improves results, mitigates risk, and streamlines development—all in one place.

Unleash Your Secret Weapon With RapidX™


Eliminate waste at each step of the development cycle so you can build higher quality products with fewer resources. RapidX™ optimizes resources and minimizes costs to improve your team’s productivity.


Avoid surprises and unforeseen risks that negatively impact your product ROI. RapidX™ improves forecasts and highlights potential hazards to improve your bottom line.

Competitive advantage

Leverage formative AI technology to outpace the market in business intelligence with the power of RapidX™.

The RapidX™ Suite Of Tools

RapidX™ for Application Architecture

Accelerate compliant code generation with RapidX™ for Application Architecture. Seamlessly integrate with approved libraries.

RapidX™ for Digital Assurance

Test your software faster with RapidX™ for Digital Assurance. Improve automated testing, test case generation, test execution, and reporting.

RapidX™ for Dashboarding

Get proactive risk alerts, actionable recommendations for increased transparency and faster response time with RapidX™ for Dashboarding.

RapidX™ for Code Comprehension

RapidX™ for Code Comprehension creates diagrams and documentation that make it easy for you to quickly understand even the most complex code.

RapidX™ for Requirements Clarity

RapidX™ for Requirements Clarity enables more consistency, better specificity, improved clarity, and more accurate prioritization in software development.

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