We combine cloud consulting skills, smooth modernization, and top-notch managed services to create a cloud path designed for lasting business success.


Transform Your Cloud Challenges into Opportunities

Achieve unprecedented clarity with Hexaware’s Amaze®, an AI-fueled, automation-rich platform. It meticulously catalogs your IT infrastructure, demystifying intricate application relationships and dependencies. The result? An unparalleled roadmap for migration strategies, tailored to your specific needs.

Partner with Hexaware for cloud migration that aligns with your budget without compromising efficacy. Through strategic cloud-native applications, custom resource adjustments, and intelligent auto-scaling, we provide a cost-effective roadmap for your cloud journey. Transition to the cloud without financial turbulence.

Elevate your modernization journey with Hexaware’s unparalleled expertise in PaaS, CaaS, and FaaS environments. We guide you through re-platforming, refactoring, and rearchitecting, ensuring you extract maximum value from your cloud transformation.

Hexaware mitigates your modernization anxieties with automation-backed, framework-driven solutions, minimizing potential risks and guaranteeing a successful modernization journey, leading to tangible TCO savings. This paves the way to unlock the full spectrum of cloud benefits so organizations can harness the full potential of digital transformation.

Transform Your Cloud Challenges into Opportunities

Our Cloud Capabilities

Leverage our cloud-first strategy that delivers actionable ROI insights and comprehensive cloud readiness assessments.

Experience seamless cloud deployment on leading platforms, offering unmatched hybrid cloud flexibility and modernization.

Prioritize data safety with top-tier cloud encryption, maintaining industry compliance and real-time threat mitigation.

Optimize business with cloud-native applications, ensuring future-proof modernization, swift migration, and harmonious multi-platform integration.

Enjoy 24/7 cloud support, manage your cloud budget, and safeguard your assets with our robust data recovery protocols.

Harness the power of AI-driven cloud analytics, embrace cutting-edge automation, and tap into the potential of IoT for business transformation.

Achieve industry excellence with our bespoke cloud solutions tailored to sector-specific needs, ensuring regulatory alignment and agility.

Premier Partnership Ecosystem

Cloud with AWS

Embark on a transformative journey with Hexaware and AWS. Unlock robust, flexible, and transformative possibilities tailored to elevate your digital journey and drive impactful outcomes with unparalleled technology from AWS.

Cloud with Google

Chart your digital evolution with Hexaware and Google Cloud. Embrace the synergy of our combined expertise and the cutting-edge solutions of Google Cloud, to strike a balance between uniqueness and universal appeal.

Cloud with Microsoft

Fuel your journey with Hexaware and Microsoft. Explore seamless transitions and scale new heights, leveraging Microsoft’s comprehensive cloud solutions, while maintaining authenticity and a personalized touch.

Adopt, adapt, and deliver cloud-driven performance

Meet Tomorrow’s Challenges with the Cloud

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Adopt, adapt, and deliver cloud-driven performance
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