HexaVarsity: Overview

At our core, we believe that the pursuit of knowledge is the key to fostering collective growth. Our commitment to prioritizing continuous learning has shaped our approach to development initiatives, ensuring that every HexaVarsity program empowers you to reach your full potential.

HexaVarsity is more than a training ground; it’s a sanctuary where ambition meets expertise. It empowers you at every stage of your career through a dynamic array of learning programs meticulously designed to cater to the ever-changing landscape of the industry. HexaVarsity offers a curated, diverse range of learning and development initiatives:

  • Sonic: Learning platform providing skill development and certification opportunities for all Hexawarians.
  • Mavericks: A solid foundation for fresh talent.
  • HFLX: Fast-track management trainee program for B-school graduates.
  • Ignite: Support and mentorship for high-performing leaders.
  • CTaDel: Customer-centric learning for our account teams.

These initiatives are pathways to personal and professional growth, underscoring our belief that by investing in learning, we invest in your future.

Our Learning Framework: Sonic

The Sonic framework fuels your learning journey through industry-leading certifications, communities, hackathons, and external courses. Plus, earn attractive incentives and bonuses along the way.

SONIC is Hexaware’s cutting-edge learning framework crafted to propel your career toward unparalleled excellence. SONIC isn’t just a framework; it’s a commitment to your holistic growth. We understand that learning is an ongoing process, and SONIC reflects this belief by offering 600+ external certifications and 300 carefully curated learning plans. With the flexibility to choose from a multitude of options, SONIC ensures that your learning experience is tailored to your unique needs.

With generous support for external certifications and the added incentive of a learning bonus, SONIC aligns seamlessly with Hexaware’s dedication to your continuous growth and development. Your journey to personal and professional mastery starts with SONIC – because at Hexaware, your growth is our commitment.

Emerging Talent Program: Mavericks

The Mavericks program is designed for both engineering and non-engineering graduates onboarded from various universities.

As a recent graduate, joining the Mavericks program means stepping into a world where your growth is our priority.

At our core lies a commitment to nurturing innovation. We empower young talent to transcend boundaries, challenge norms, and channel digital expertise towards impactful innovation, benefiting Hexaware and its customers on their digital transformation journeys.

Every day in Mavericks brings new learning opportunities, guided by our ethos of ‘learning to grow’ and ‘learning by doing.’ Comprehensive training sets a strong foundation, followed by specialized training tailored to your chosen role in technology, business, or any domain.

Our goal is simple: to foster continuous learning and equip you with the confidence to tackle new challenges. Join us and let your innovative spirit soar as you excel in your career.

Management Trainee Program: HFLX

Hexaware’s HFLX program aims to catapult recent B-school graduates from India and Mexico into leadership and strategic roles through output-based projects and fast-track opportunities.

The Hexaware Future Leaders and Executives (HFLX) program is the ultimate launchpad for management trainees, aimed at nurturing their leadership potential. HFLXers experience leadership through a structured induction program and real-world mini projects. Exceptional performers may fast-track to promotion within the first year itself. HFLXers benefit from rotational assignments across various lines of the business, gaining a holistic organizational perspective. Additionally, through our STRIDE initiative, HFLXers can choose from a curated selection of courses offered by renowned global institutes and enhance their skills and knowledge in areas relevant to their career goals and the organization’s needs.

Leadership Development: Ignite

The Ignite initiative nurtures Hexaware’s leaders as they navigate the challenges of evolving roles, processes, and structures within a dynamic work environment.

At Hexaware, our Ignite program is more than just an organizational development initiative; it’s a pathway to leadership excellence tailored for aspiring leaders like you.

Ignite’s leadership development program is centered around nurturing key competencies crucial for your growth: strategic thinking, accountability and ownership, effective planning, collaboration, and a strong customer focus, all linked to role-specific KPIs. By joining us, you will have the opportunity to refine these skills, adopt action-oriented approaches, and unleash your leadership potential. Ignite is not just about honing leadership skills; it’s about providing a platform for leaders like you to thrive and drive success in a collaborative and dynamic environment.

Customer-centric Talent Development: CTaDel

CTaDel is a custom-built account-specific learning academy that fosters a true “one team” ethos with our clients.

Hexaware’s Customer-centric Talent Development Program (CTaDel) is an all-in-one resource hub for teams working on client accounts. At the heart of CTaDel is our commitment to not just understand, but to immerse ourselves in our client’s environment and culture. This deep dive approach ensures that our teams don’t just work for the client, but with the client, fostering a true “one team” ethos. As a part of this program, you’ll be equipped with not only the technical skills but also the cultural acumen necessary to deliver exceptional results, leading to transformative outcomes for both your career and our client’s success.