Smart Migration from Legacy Telephony to Cloud-based Contact Center Solutions  Smart Migration from Legacy Telephony to Cloud-based Contact Center Solutions 

Smart Migration from Legacy Telephony to Cloud-based Contact Center Solutions 

Elevating customer experience through cloud contact center migration and modernization for a global LPG distributor.


Our client is the largest global distributor of liquified petroleum gas (LPG) with a presence across the US. The client’s operations include bulk gas storage and delivery, cylinder filling, and community distribution systems.  


Our client was hindered by outdated technology, which affected their progress and efficiency. Their previous on-premises solution lacked the necessary contact center functionalities, relied heavily on manual efforts, and ultimately led to decreased efficiency. Some of the key issues were: 

  • The previous vendor provided an on-premises solution that lacked smart technology, resulting in limited functionalities. 
  • All contact center agents and supervisors had to rely on manual intervention for telephony operations. 
  • The existing system lacked smart contact center capabilities, such as agent call routing based on availability. 
  • Handling callbacks in response to voice messages was time-consuming. 
  • The system had limited features to improve customer experience, scalability, and cost efficiency, which left customers dissatisfied. 


Hexaware conducted a comprehensive analysis and proposed an intelligent, cost-effective, and innovative cloud-based contact center solution. The features of this solution included: 

  • Cloud contact center as a service: Integrating the Genesys-Hexaware CCAS platform with the existing Microsoft Teams setup would drive cost and business value. 
  • Cost-efficiency with savings: Expenses on UCAS (unified communication as services) and CCAS (contact center communication as services) were saved by opting only for CCAS with MS Teams as the communication platform. 
  • Resilience and scalability:  The contact center modernization was designed to accommodate future requirements and artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled enhancements. 
  • Flexible work options: Customer service representatives could handle calls even when working out of the office. 
  • Round-robin routing:  Calls were intelligently routed to alternative customer service representatives in case of agent unavailability, ensuring prompt assistance and an enhanced customer experience. 
  • Callback functionality: Callers leaving voicemail messages due to the unavailability of agents could request a callback instead of waiting, improving efficiency. 
  • Skill-based routing:  Voicemails were assigned to agents and notifications were sent to them so they could promptly address customer calls, thereby saving time, compared to the previous system where voicemails were left unassigned. 
  • Real-time monitoring: Dashboards and detailed reports provided real-time insights to enhance the customer experience. 

Hexaware devised a unique strategy to ensure a seamless and disruption-proof analysis, execution, and implementation of the solution. The process involved the following phases: 


  • Prioritizing use cases 
  • Evaluating and finalizing technology 
  • Conducting cost-benefit analysis 


  • Employing rapid prototyping 
  • Creating a delivery prioritization matrix 


  • Adopting a cloud-first approach 
  • Implementing a phased rollout with a focus on stability 

Control and Monitor: 

  • Providing production support 
  • Ensuring sustainability 


 The implementation of the futuristic, AI-enabled solution yielded a range of benefits, including monetary savings, improved efficiency, and an enhanced employee-to-customer experience. This solution was delivered ahead of schedule, with rapid migration and go-live. Nevertheless, it also exhibited scalability and resilience, resulting in maximized savings, quicker response times, and improved user experience. 

The benefits encompassed cost savings in infrastructure and operations, heightened efficiency, optimized processes, automatic scalability, and resilience. These improvements led to elevated experiences for both customers and employees, as evidenced by the following metrics: 

  • A 25% reduction in average handling time 
  • A 20% improvement in first response time 
  • A 90% enhancement in SLA performance 

These positive outcomes translated into recommendable savings on various fronts, including processes, software, efforts, time, and resources. 


A leading global LPG distributor faced operational challenges stemming from outdated technology, hindering efficiency and customer satisfaction. Their legacy on-premises system lacked essential contact center functionalities, resulting in manual interventions and limited capabilities. To address these issues, Hexaware provided a cutting-edge cloud-based contact center solution. This innovative approach featured cloud contact center integration with Microsoft Teams, enhancing cost-efficiency and business value. The solution improved resilience, scalability, and offered AI-enabled features for future readiness. It enabled flexible remote work options, introduced intelligent call routing, and streamlined voicemail handling. Real-time monitoring enhanced customer service. The implementation achieved impressive results, including a 25% reduction in average handling time, a 20% improvement in first response time, and a remarkable 90% enhancement in SLA performance. The contact center digital transformation led to significant cost savings and a superior customer and employee experience. 

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