Enhancing E-commerce Experience Through Customer Service Excellence  Enhancing E-commerce Experience Through Customer Service Excellence 

Enhancing E-commerce Experience Through Customer Service Excellence 

Hexaware's transformational partnership with a global e-commerce giant


Our client is one of the world’s largest e-commerce providers, with over two billion monthly visitors and a net worth of over $1,200 billion. The client offers a vast array of products across the globe through country-specific channels. The company’s reputation and revenue rely heavily on its distribution network and maintaining high customer satisfaction. 


The problems faced by the client: 

Our client faced significant challenges in successfully delivering products ordered by customers. Some of these challenges included: 

  • Real-time tracking of product status, assistance during and after delivery, and handling cancellations while ensuring data security. 
  • Insufficient customer service representatives during peak seasons. 
  • Difficulty in finding the right talent pool with the required language skills. 
  • Inability to respond quickly and provide quality responses. 

Such challenges could lead to poor customer service experience and impact the client’s brand image. 

What the client needed: 

  • A partner with a deep understanding of e-commerce experience, especially among Millennials and Gen Z. 
  • Scalability in tier-2 and tier-3 cities in India while adhering to global standards. 
  • Agility and flexibility to manage volume fluctuations and have a business continuity plan (BCP) in place during demand spikes. 
  • Efficient handling of inquiries related to order and shipment status, billing, and returns. 
  • Innovative pricing structures for resolution-based contact. 


At Hexaware, we understand that customer experience plays the most significant role in a brand’s growth, especially for an e-commerce company. 

  • Hexaware determined that the client would need a delivery location that served multiple Indian languages and provided 24×7 support. As a result, in 2022, we began offering our services from Nagpur and Mumbai, as these cities offered the appropriate skillsets for voice and non-voice operations. Moreover, the workforce in Nagpur matched the client’s customer demographics. 
  • Our hiring and training team trained over 750 employees across various lines of business (LOBs) and ensured they met certification requirements. Through the training and certification programs over four weeks, the team was able to deliver outstanding results. 
  • Our centers of excellence (CoEs) brought together the right leadership, transformation, and quality teams across all LOBs to ensure best practices, increase customer focus and ownership, and establish a framework for proactively driving improvement. 
  • Our consistent ability to surpass the clients’ expectations led to the addition of three new LOBs. To support this growth, Hexaware invested in a new tier-2 center in Bhopal, to accommodate the ramp-up and new LOB requirements. Furthermore, we are progressing towards establishing a nearshore center to serve other regions. 
  • In addition to meeting the defined service level agreements (SLAs) and key performance indicators (KPIs), we proactively captured the voice of the customer (VOC). We formed a dedicated team to analyze the VOC and provide consistent feedback to the client, facilitating product and service improvements. We continuously shared valuable insights with our client, highlighting niche challenges related to product returns and other aspects, allowing them to make informed decisions for upcoming seasonal sales. 

Hexaware’s prior experience in managing retail and e-commerce CX (customer experience) for leading organizations set us apart as experts in the field while others were still adapting. When faced with unforeseen volume surges due to market dynamics, we consistently exceeded our committed volumes by 12-20%, accommodating overflow from clients’ other partners. Our success was driven by intelligent workforce management automation and reporting bots, ensuring operational efficiency and reducing human error. We also established a pool of trained gig workers (employees engaged for specific tasks or projects) through partnerships with educational institutes to ensure workforce continuity. 

The result? Owing to our exceptional performance, Hexaware was asked to share its methods with the client’s other partners to facilitate similar results. Hexaware was also recognized by the client with four Customer Obsession Awards for best partner. 


  • Better processes with over 80 recommendations for process improvement 
  • 95% improvement in first-call resolution 
  • Focus on quality, achieving a significant increase in network score (i.e., the number of calls and chats handled in a day) 
  • Our cost-efficient operations surpassed targets, achieving a CSAT score of 90.89% for a new LOB, as against a desired score of 79.86% 
  • Contributed over 47 ideas to the brand’s knowledge center to improve brand experience 
  • Enhanced brand image by prioritizing customer satisfaction and loyalty 


Hexaware’s transformative partnership with a global e-commerce giant yielded remarkable results. Faced with the challenges of real-time product tracking, insufficient customer service staff during peak seasons, and the need for multilingual support, Hexaware stepped in to provide innovative solutions. By strategically expanding its operations in cities like Nagpur and Mumbai, Hexaware tailored its workforce to match the client’s needs. We invested in training over 750 employees, established centers of excellence to ensure best practices, and continuously exceeded the client’s expectations. Not only did we meet service level agreements and key performance indicators, but we also proactively captured the voice of the customer, facilitating product and service improvements. Our remarkable performance, driven by workforce management automation and gig workers, earned four Customer Obsession Awards and positioned Hexaware as an expert in the field. The partnership resulted in better processes, higher first-call resolution rates, robust data security, improved brand experience, and enhanced brand image, making Hexaware a key contributor to the client’s success. 

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