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Transforming Insurance, Touching Lives and Scaling New Growth

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Drive Digital Transformation and Build Delightful Experiences to Scale Values

Insurers today operate in a unique environment characterized by ‘always connected’ consumers who demand personalized products, instant services and solutions. A complex regulatory environment, competition from emerging InsureTech players and fluid market conditions present challenges and at the same time immense opportunities to gain a competitive edge.

Hexaware’s Digital Insurance Services deliver transformative solutions to Insurers using AI, Cloud,  Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning and other emerging technologies. We partner with global Insurers to cater to ever-changing needs of the new-age customer, design engaging customer journeys, leverage advanced analytics to help grow globally and at the same time address local customer needs, ensure compliance and modernize legacy systems.

Watch this video to get insights on how Insurers can leverage digital ecosystems to re-imagine customer experiences through increased flexibility and agility with faster and more efficient back-office processing.

Technology services leveraged by our Insurance customers help:

  • Modernize legacy systems
  • Drive cost optimization with Automation CoE
  • Deliver top notch customer experience by developing user centric portals
  • Enable off the shelf implementation of leading insurance software
  • Fast track end to end testing of modern applications like Guidewire
  • Improve reporting and compliance with advanced data analytics
  • Optimize leading insurance OEM Providers iike Guidewire with pre built APIs
  • Optimize processes by implementing identified RPA insurance industry use cases          


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