Webinar: Customer Experience Toolkit for Boosting Satisfaction and Creating Brand Ambassadors 

About this Content 

The changing dynamics of consumer behavior make it crucial for organizations to adapt their strategies to deliver exceptional customer experiences (CX). Contact centers are a key touchpoint for customers and a negative interaction can leave a lasting impression. 

Enhancing customer satisfaction requires a balance between leveraging intuitive tools and technology and fostering genuine human connections. Contact centers must develop strategies that seamlessly blend technology and agent experiences to improve customer satisfaction. 

Watch our webinar to discover how to: 

  • Build connections and trust through omnichannel contact centers 
  • Lead your CX strategy with insights from customer user experiences 
  • Enhance customer satisfaction through hyper-personalization, technology, and empathy 
  • Utilize CX to drive new revenue and minimize revenue leakage 


  • Anthony Schettino – Vice-president, Hexaware Technologies 
  • Andrae Kirkland – Senior Program Manager, Twitter 
  • Tim Leger – Vice-president of sales, Hexaware Technologies