Hexaware’s life sciences and healthcare solutions are designed with a unique patient-centric approach that reimagines medicine and healthcare delivery, making life better for people around the globe. 

Rely on our Life Sciences & Healthcare Services to:

Turn to our secure, customizable, HIPAA-compliant platforms to elevate patient care and enhance supply chain management for seamless delivery of personalized therapies.

Leverage the world’s first industry data sciences cloud, co-engineered by us. Trust our experience and proprietary solutions to accelerate your data migration and cloud transformation journeys.

With our expertise and state-of-the-art life science and healthcare solutions, elevate your clinical trial processes and outcomes to greater heights.

Deploy tailored websites, strategic marketing campaigns, seamless data integration, and efficient automation to improve patient engagement and growth.

Automate your entire customer value chain, spanning patient engagement, clinical trials, commercial operations, and enterprise services, to achieve significant leaps in efficiency.

Foster collaboration between healthcare professionals and patients by leveraging our pioneering expertise in developing the world’s first FDA-approved digital medicine system. This innovation enables your organization to transform patient engagement and achieve exceptional outcomes

Deploy our comprehensive digital transformation strategy, leveraging AI/ML, data analytics and platforms like Workday, Salesforce, Veeva, and Azure, to transform to a future-ready digital ecosystem.

Implement advanced solutions to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in quality management, ensuring the highest standards and compliance.

Rely on our Life Sciences & Healthcare Services to:

Our Capabilities

We empower life sciences, healthcare, and pharmaceutical companies to navigate the complex landscape of Cell and Gene Therapies (CGT) with ease. Our suite of proven accelerators and services is designed to expedite the development, manufacturing, and commercialization of both autologous and allogenic stem cell therapies for CAR-T and gene editing treatments. From streamlined patient tracking to efficient supply chain management, we ensure the successful development and delivery of advanced therapies, ultimately improving patient outcomes and reducing operational complexities.  

We enable pharma companies and healthcare providers to foster meaningful connections with patients through personalized communication, interactive tools, and seamless patient care coordination. This human-centric engagement results in enhanced patient satisfaction and improved adherence to treatment plans, leading to better healthcare outcomes.

We help optimize commercial strategies, harnessing the latest digital technologies and strategies for marketing, sales, and customer engagement. This enables efficient market access, improved brand performance, and increased profitability in a rapidly evolving industry landscape.

We harness the capabilities of GenAI, automation, and AI-driven insights to optimize operations, elevate decision-making, and boost efficiency. Our focus extends across the entire healthcare value chain, encompassing both administrative tasks and clinical processes. This leads to a significant reduction in operational expenses, enabling zero-cost transformation through a sustainable cost optimization approach.

We provide secure and scalable cloud engineering and data solutions, enabling life sciences and healthcare organizations to derive valuable insights, improve patient care, and drive innovation. This helps unlock the full potential of your healthcare data for better outcomes and informed decision-making.

We empower life sciences and healthcare companies to create and refine state-of-the-art products and solutions that cater to the ever-changing market demands. By integrating creativity, technology, and in-depth industry knowledge, we foster innovation, help expand technology investments and expedite product launches, enhancing overall business performance.

We help organizations modernize their IT infrastructure, optimize business processes, and enable agile, data-driven decision-making. We help drive business evolution through initiatives such as legacy modernization, contact center optimization, and data transformation.

We offer comprehensive tools and processes to manage and monitor quality across operations, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements and industry best practices. Through our quality and compliance solutions, we help you stay compliant and uphold the trust of both patients and stakeholders.

Life Sciences and Healthcare Team Leaders

Srini Marimganti

Srini Marimganti

Healthcare & Life Sciences Leader

Vijayalakshmi Raj

Vijayalakshmi Raj

Healthcare & Life Sciences Leader

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