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Accelerating Digital Transformation in Life Sciences & Healthcare

Over the decade, the Life Sciences & Healthcare industry has been transitioning to a consumer-focused experience, but the progress has been slow. However, the pandemic has fueled consumerism in healthcare’s business process, pushing patients and healthcare providers to adapt to digital technologies for drug development and patient centricity. With 75% of patients wanting to use digital services (McKinsey), they are already expecting personalized experiences and digital content to learn and understand their conditions in detail. Similar to consumer-focused apps like Uber and Netflix, the healthcare and life sciences organizations need to reimagine their tools and processes through a digital lens and adapt to changing landscapes.

Investing in a digital health will not only elevate the patient experience but also give rise to a huge amount of interoperable and real-time data. Moreover, analyzing and identifying new trends from this data will give rise to more personalized experiences, services and products, which will be the key to the future. For this reason, the global healthcare cloud-based market is estimated to grow at a CAGR above 14% and reach USD 40 billion by 2026 (Acumen Research and Consulting).

Along with digital experiences, technologies like artificial intelligence and automating business processes also need to focus on streamlining business processes, lowering costs and enabling faster services to customers. The healthcare automation market is on the path to reach USD 59.98 billion by 2025; it is up to the organizations to up the game for automated solutions and be at the forefront of the digital revolution.

Pandemic is a pivotal moment for the Life Sciences and Healthcare industry to adopt digital strategies, including digital engagement, connected health, automation and leveraging data analytics to accelerate real-world evidence and improve outcomes.

At Hexaware, we resonate with this changing digital landscape. Being an early adopter of digital transformation in life sciences and healthcare, we have already developed cutting-edge healthcare and life sciences technology solutions that enable a seamless experience for patients and healthcare providers.  With our decades of experience in working with 30+ customers across the industry and a strong team of 2000+ associates, we have developed a digital framework that creates compelling digital engagements and also helps in how data from billions of connected systems can create value-based insights for business and patient care.

Significant customer stories:

  • We are the first and only services company supporting COVID-19 rescue studies for 400k+ patients and sites in over 100+ countries in 25+ languages
  • For one of the largest CROs in the world, we co-developed their clinical trials platform. The platform impacted 30% more effective clinical design services. As part of patient engagement strategies, we also developed a recruitment portal that led to an increase in 25% onboarding of patients.
  • For one of the largest insurance organization in the US, we helped increase auto-adjudication and improve prior authorizations & claim processing through robotic process automation and AI/ML-enabled automation


First Contact Center Transformation in the world for COVID-19 rescue studies

Read the case study to know how Hexaware helped the leading CRO with a Compassionate Cognitive Contact Center

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