Contact Center Implementation for a UK Insurer Contact Center Implementation for a UK Insurer

Contact Center Implementation for a UK Insurer

Reducing costs and improving customer experience through cloud-based contact center transformation


The client is a large UK life and pensions mutual insurer with a dedicated team of over 1000 professionals, committed to safeguarding individuals’ incomes throughout their careers and optimizing their financial well-being in retirement. The client serves over a million members and customers across the United Kingdom with life insurance, income protection, investments, and retirement income solutions.


1 million + members and customers across the UK


The problems faced by the client:

The client faced several challenges pertaining to their contact center technology. Their existing system relied on legacy on-premises infrastructure, which failed to align with their customers’ evolving needs and expectations. Moreover, a third-party vendor hosted and managed the contact center operations, limiting the client’s control and flexibility. While the client recognized the need to modernize their contact center technology, they faced uncertainties regarding the ideal platform that would cater to their specific requirements and whether their members would embrace the change. Nevertheless, the new management team was keen on embarking on the transformation.

The challenges the client ran into:

  • High technology costs
  • Dropped calls and lack of automation for self-service
  • Limited capabilities for monitoring and reporting their contact center
  • A vast number of internal call transfers from one agent to another
  • Lengthy internal call routing processes and high costs associated with improving IVR messages
  • Non-availability of dynamic routing of calls, limiting operational performance during call surges
  • Lack of timely actionable insights on wallboards and custom reports
  • Recurring technical issues and inability to support modernization initiatives
  • Difficulty in quickly implementing changes and adapting to evolving business needs


What the client needed:

The client was looking for a strategic contact center consulting services partner who could help them in the following ways:

  • Identify future-ready cloud-based contact center technology keeping in mind the specific needs and current challenges, and at the same time, convert their CapEx to OpEx
  • Take complete responsibility and end-to-end ownership of their contact center transformation
  • Extend support in enabling the right technology/product/platform features
  • Improve the experience for its members and customers
  • Take quick decisions as their existing contract was coming to an end


Our omnichannel customer experience (OCX) team proposed a hybrid approach to the client’s requirement:

  • As a consulting partner to help them with vendor selection
  • As an implementation and managed services partner, once they finalized their preferred vendor

Hexaware’s role as a consulting partner:

  • Undertaking a primary discovery and assessing the client’s current state
  • Performing market study and evaluating potential vendors based on criteria shared by the customer
  • Inviting RFPs from top cloud vendors and overseeing the entire RFP process
  • Organizing product demos for the management and operations teams
  • Comparing prices offered by the vendors
  • Building a recommendation based on Hexaware’s evaluation and feedback from the client’s management and operations teams


Hexaware assessed the contact center technology landscape and business requirements to identify and recommend an omnichannel contact center solution that was best suited to meet the client’s existing business needs and future modernization initiatives.


Hexaware’s role as an implementation and managed services partner:

  • Undertaking a secondary discovery and assessment with Hexaware’s contact center transformation (CCT) experts onsite
  • Finalizing a transformation roadmap with implementation timelines, design, and overall system architecture
  • Implementing voice and digital channels as enhancements, and progressively implementing new features such as conversational AI, and speech and text
  • Providing support for transition and managed services post-implementation
  • Using analytics to modernize their contact center and continuously improve customer and employee experience


Thus, Hexaware took end-to-end ownership of the contact center transformation process, from selection to implementation and support for the client.


The client and Hexaware independently vetted the contact center as a service (CcaaS) evaluation process, and a cumulative recommendation was generated considering both. A best-fit solution was selected for the client out of 7 CCaaS vendors who underwent a rigorous evaluation across 120 parameters and 6 categories.

  • The client moved to one of the best CCaaS vendors with Hexaware’s service assurance of making it a success.
  • The client transitioned from a CapEx model to an OpEx model.
  • As Hexaware took end-to-end ownership of the transformation, the client was assured of leveraging every possible automation opportunity.
  • The client significantly reduced its annual contact center expenditure with more than 30% savings.
  • Hexaware successfully decreased the client’s call volumes by 16% by introducing new digital channels such as chat and email, shifting the interaction medium for the client’s customers.
  • A notable 10% of customers opted for self-service options, utilizing IVR (interactive voice response) and FAQ pods provided by Hexaware.

30% lower contact center expenditure


The client, a leading UK life and pensions mutual insurer, faced challenges with their contact center technology, including outdated infrastructure and limited control. Although the client recognized the need for an upgrade, they were uncertain about the ideal platform and acceptance from members. As the new management team sought a transformative path, they needed a strategic partner to identify a future-ready cloud contact center solution to improve member experience and convert CapEx to OpEx. Hexaware proposed a hybrid approach, serving as a consulting partner for vendor selection and an implementation and managed services partner. Hexaware assessed the landscape, recommended an omnichannel solution, and took end-to-end ownership of the transformation. The key business benefits included reduced costs, transitioning to an OpEx model, and leveraging automation opportunities. The client achieved a successful contact center transformation with Hexaware’s assistance and improved customer and employee experiences.


The client successfully transformed their contact center technology with Hexaware’s assistance, resulting in reduced costs, improved member experience, and a transition to an OpEx model.

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