Leverage our quality engineering services to achieve quality at scale and deliver enhanced customer experiences with advanced automation-led, AI/ML-backed autonomous testing. 

Our Testing Services Capabilities

Adopt autonomous testing using AI/ML and drive transformation by making testing the fastest cog in the DevOps chain. Enable optimal test coverage for all use cases with Tensai® for Assurance. Reduce quality assurance (QA) effort by 40-70%, fast-track QA cycle time by 4X, and eliminate the need for human intervention.

Achieve your enterprise IT vision benchmarks with our strategic test advisory and consulting model. Maximize business value with holistic QA IT evaluation, assessment, and transformation and accelerate your go-to-market goals. Keep pace with modern application development and delivery tenets with the best digital assurance models.

Stay ahead of the curve with our artificial intelligence testing services for applications infused with Conversational AI, Predictive AI, Vision AI, and Intelligent RPA solutions. Assure the quality of multiple conversational AI solutions, including virtual assistants, voice-enabled smart assistants, AI-infused contact centers, IVRs, and more

Achieve superior quality and speed with testing services that are fully managed, repeatable, predictable, and cost-efficient. Drive transformation with multi-speed (Bi-Modal) delivery (Waterfall / Agile / DevOps) with the option of establishing your own Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE).

Achieve 100% cover for Non-Functional Testing (NFT) with our performance assurance framework and make your production predictable. Benefit from a blend of performance testing and engineering services that combine customer-centricity, agility, automation, and in-depth analysis for performance optimization.

Leverage an intelligent test automation framework across all phases of your product lifecycle and all layers of your applications. Benefit from end-to-end quality assurance across your implementation of product suites such as Duck Creek, Guidewire, or Workday.

Analyze and test voluminous data and safeguard data integrity with our autonomous test orchestration platform for data. Our comprehensive automated data testing solution helpsto reduce cost overlays and enables manage and fulfill your test data needs with robust best practices. Ensure 100% data testing with a guaranteed minimum 50% reduction in cost and time.

Accelerate the path to a connected enterprise with our service virtualization and API testing capabilities. Reduce automation efforts by 40% with built-in script libraries and leverage an automation framework that tests APIs in all phases of the test cycle.

Tensai® For Assurance Offers a Solution for Every Testing Need

For UI


Our multi-channel, smart test automation platform is built for web, mobile, desktop, native, and hybrid applications. It comes with no license costs, accelerates the creation of Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) scripts, and can connect to CI/CD pipelines and generate comprehensive reports.

For Data


The automated data testing solution helps QA teams separate insights from ‘noise.’ The end-to-end solution works across all stages of the data adoption lifecycle, compares large volumes of data in less time, can handle custom queries, and hugely reduces manual effort.

For Performance


The performance assurance framework ensures production performance becomes predictable across releases. Monitor, collect, and analyze system performance metrics across your technology stack to enable high availability, reliability, and scalability of applications in production.

For Bots


The chatbot and voicebot testing platform assures the quality of conversational AI solutions, including virtual assistants, voice-enabled smart assistants, AI-infused contact centers, IVRs, etc. We focus on thoroughly testing chatbots for user experience and integration quality on different channels

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