Revolutionizing Chat Operations for a Concierge Services Provider  Revolutionizing Chat Operations for a Concierge Services Provider 

Revolutionizing Chat Operations for a Concierge Services Provider 

AI-powered chatbots lead contact center transformation, enhancing omnichannel support.


Our client is a top-tier worldwide concierge services provider with round-the-clock communication and support in all major languages. They offer a comprehensive range of loyalty solutions, with a dedicated team of 1,500 employees across 21 countries. 


The problems faced by the client: 

Despite having a basic chat operations setup, along with the necessary resources and facilities to improve customer support, the client encountered difficulties in enabling omnichannel chats across mobile apps and messaging platforms. 

  •  The client lacked clarity on the roadmap and the operational aspects of their minimal chat setup, even though they had the required resources and facilities in place. This hindered the chat setup process. 
  • The absence of real-time intelligence on customer interactions made it difficult to predict customer requirements and behavior effectively. 
  • The client’s chat channels in the US markets were not as successful as they had initially envisioned. 

What the client needed: 

  • The client sought to transition from a telephony setup to a multi-channel chat-based interaction system. 
  • To keep pace with evolving needs in the digital and technology landscape, the client needed to rapidly transform, as their end consumers heavily relied on their solutions and digital content for information.


Hexaware helped design, architect, and deploy a seamless and cognitive omnichannel contact center solution. This solution streamlined new customer onboarding. Our conversational artificial intelligence (AI) solution interacted with end-consumers on the client’s website and third-party channels. 

The key elements of our solution included: 

  • Support for multi-lingual preferences, with incoming queries automatically routed by an operational chatbot to a concierge specialist familiar with the customer’s preferred language for quicker resolution. 
  • Introduction of a unified dashboard for reporting and data-driven decision-making. 
  • Facilitation of data aggregation and cloud-based analytics capabilities for real-time analysis of customer queries, interactions, and transactions to deliver insights on end-consumers and program usage. 

Our comprehensive approach towards automation facilitated maximum straight-through processing (STP) and an API-enabled framework helped to integrate the right content and desired services with future-ready platforms. 


The implementation of enablers, such as the unified view and conversational AI, significantly enhanced operations, achieving a remarkable 99% SLA. Our solution resulted in faster resolutions, real-time efficiency, and higher first-time resolutions (FTRs). 

Key achievements: 

  • Shifting 85% of interactions from telephone calls to chat-based interactions. 
  • Reducing onboarding time by 30% through automation and other enhancements like quick routing. 
  • Increasing customer satisfaction through data-driven insights. 
  • Reducing the number of required licenses. 
  • Utilizing an API-enabled platform for easy integration of capabilities ranging from content, concierge requests, user preferences, chat, and self-service lifestyle functions. 
  • Minimizing impact with almost nil disruptions during the pandemic, as virtual agents took over the load of actual agents. 
  • Delivering exceptional benefits, meaningful solutions, and comprehensive service through a single, robust platform. 
  • Achieving a high FTR with a special focus on language preferences, routing specifications, prioritization based on agent skill sets, and enhancements to the client’s platform. This elevated the customer experience, cost efficiency, and the quality of chat interactions for the client’s APAC and US market customers. 

Our other efforts included: 

  • Developing cognitive and smart AI algorithms and machine learning (ML) for self-service options in chat, to handle more than 50% of query resolutions. 
  • Creating multi-lingual chatbots that will be trained by humans. 


Our client, a leading global concierge services provider, faced the challenge of enabling omnichannel chats across mobile apps and messaging platforms. Despite having resources and facilities, they encountered difficulties in transitioning from telephony to multi-channel chat interactions. The client sought to rapidly adapt to evolving digital needs as their consumers heavily relied on their solutions and digital content. 

Hexaware stepped in and designed a seamless omnichannel contact center solution, streamlining customer onboarding and enhancing interactions. Key elements of our solution included support for multi-lingual preferences, a unified reporting dashboard, and real-time data analysis capabilities. The implementation of conversational AI and a unified view significantly improved operations, achieving a remarkable 99% SLA, faster resolutions, and a higher FTR. 

Notable achievements included shifting interactions from calls to chat, reducing onboarding time, increasing customer satisfaction, and minimizing disruptions during the pandemic. Hexaware’s forward-looking efforts included developing smart AI algorithms, machine learning for self-service chat options, and creating multi-lingual AI-powered chatbots trained by humans. This comprehensive solution improved customer experience, cost efficiency, and chat interaction quality for the client’s APAC and US market customers. 

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