Hexaware’s Digital IT Operations services span your entire IT ecosystem for holistic business transformation.

Address Modern Complexities by Transforming IT Operations

Security vulnerabilities will continue to increase, but you don’t have to face the challenge alone. We’ll guide you through the process of making sure your enterprise is prepared for current and future risks. Our vulnerability assessment service will identify holes within your organization’s IT infrastructure and recommend areas of improvement based on risk and scope.

As a corporation grows, so does the complexity of the technology that powers it. Let Hexaware help you seamlessly integrate your organization’s technology platforms into a dynamic solution that meets your evolving needs.

Data is the fuel that powers a modern digital enterprise. Handling the complexities that come with that data requires experience and strategy. Let us help you determine the right strategy for managing, storing, governing, and securing your data.

Keeping up with the ever-changing regulatory landscape is an ongoing challenge. We’ll leverage our expertise to ensure you comply with the latest industry standards and legal requirements. 

Address Modern Complexities by Transforming IT Operations

Digital IT Operations Capabilities

Combat digital and cyber threats with a wide range of integrated security solutions encompassing consulting, engineering, and operations. Our focus on cognitive intelligence, automation, and response gives you a complete view of your security front. Adopt and transform security across your data lifecycle with near real-time visibility, high-powered analytics, and intelligence against sophisticated threat vectors.

Modernize your legacy data center with cloud enablement, creating a seamless hybrid fabric across private and public cloud platforms. Our platform-based approach, powered by advanced automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, accelerates cloud migration and governance. Utilize our cloud optimization suite to manage costs and maximize business value on your hybrid cloud.

Implement, manage, and optimize IT services with well-defined processes and best-in-class governance models. Achieve process standardization and reduce the overall cost of service management. Realize significant benefits from automation across the IT services life cycle and create increased business value. Drive competitive agility through high-velocity IT with our proprietary ITSM frameworks tailored for the ServiceNow platform.

Automate, build, and collaborate to stay ahead of the curve with our highly scalable DevOps capabilities.  We’ll help you eliminate silos, optimize performance, drive agility, and accelerate speed to market. Get started with a DevOps maturity assessment and frame a strategic roadmap aligned with your business goals. Unlock exponential value with our  end-to-end “Build and Deployment” DevOps platform and accelerate continuous improvement.

Effectively manage, govern, and protect your software assets throughout their lifecycles with Hexaware’s Software Asset Management (SAM) Practice. Avoid the pitfalls of inadequate licensing and poor procurement, reduce risks and ownership costs while maximizing IT responsiveness and punctuality, benefit from best practices, and ensure full compliance with licensing audits. 

Meet the expectations of your discerning digital workforce with true self-service. We’ll help you re-engineer blind spots in employee journeys that increase productivity, satisfaction, retention, and profitability with our AI-powered Employee Experience Transformation (EXT) framework.

Harness the synergy between your infrastructure and application operations and execute a bespoke cloud strategy that drives cost savings, resilience, and business value. Accelerate cloud adoption through our Amaze® platform, featuring modern delivery and cloud-native solutions. Stay on top of cloud governance with Tensai®, our automation platform, and our Continuous Cloud Compliance framework that offers a 360-degree view of your overall security compliance.

At Hexaware, we believe in the concept of automating everything and strive to transform service delivery and operational processes to achieve efficient productivity, higher accuracy and cost savings. Our strong team of technical experts can help you make informed decisions on your automation journey.

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Get your IT landscape to scale with change, stay nimble, and propel automation through innovation and AI while ensuring business-IT alignment at every stage of the transformation.



Streamline IT processes to slay silos, achieve operational efficiencies, redefine collaboration, and build consistent momentum to optimize costs for resilience and sustainable growth.



Harness technology and innovation to fuel exceptional experiences with digital transformation at the core.

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"Thank you Hexaware for a 56% improvement in CMDB data quality” – Shelita Jenkins, ServiceNow Architect, Vontier

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