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Accelerating Digital Transformation in Banking

Hexaware is your partner when it comes to digitally transforming your bank front-to-back. We have a philosophy of working closely with our clients in their value-chain, partnering with them in every step of the way. We have enriched our resolute corporate strategy of AUTOMATE EVERYTHING® – CLOUDIFY EVERYTHING® – TRANSFORM CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES® with banking domain-driven capabilities to effectively, address the topmost industry-level drivers and challenges that impede innovation. Our capabilities have evolved through two decades of servicing top banks as well as other financial institutions with complex businesses across the globe, by enabling them drive their IT programs to eliminate the biggest pain points and bottlenecks in transforming their businesses.

Our capabilities are centered on the themes of ‘Foundation’, ‘Experience’, and ‘Regulatory’ to achieve banking transformation. We envision banks to have the right ‘Foundation’ by first being seamlessly connected internally and externally, with data being available readily for utilization in context. We see this happening primarily through an API economy and effective use of data platforms that evolve to a state where delivering new services is rapid and first-time right. Such a foundation shall enable ‘Experience’ touchpoints that help understand and align to the digital native customer’s pulse for desired products and services. Additionally, the same foundation shall also ensure that aligning to ‘Regulatory’ needs is more principle-based thus allowing for faster response to changes, as opposed to attempting to be compliant to rules alone.

With such an approach and with the right levers based on Big Data and Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI / ML), our experienced team can bring about complete banking transformation that allows you to operate globally as a large bank and respond to regional and local markets effectively with custom products and services that cater to specific needs. This can prepare your business for customers of the future and at that same time, ensure that existing customers have all their current and anticipated needs taken care of.

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