tensai® is the ultimate extreme automation platform that modernizes IT ecosystems and transforms experiences with personalized insights. Enhance automation maturity, optimize IT operations, drive innovation, and maximize business value. For more details on tensai®, click here.

The Three Dimensions of tensai®


Continuous application orchestration
Orchestrate continuous integration, delivery, and deployment of applications with shift-left principles, including security and compliance at scale.


Continuous run optimization
Propel I&O automation to improve efficiency, increase speed, enable resilience, reduce costs, and boost revenue.


Total experience automation
Enable personalized hire-to-retire experiences with naturalistic engagement, enhancing organizational resiliency and driving operational efficiencies.

The tensai® Paradigm

tensai® for agility

Amplify cost savings, reduce QA 4X, and improve release velocity by 300% across your build, assurance, and release.

tensai® for efficiency

Improve uptime, save on OpEx, reduce cloud spend, and automate tasks across your Cloud Ops, AIOps, and SecOps.

tensai® for experience

Elevate user experience by 3x, manage user lifecycle, self-heal, and self-service through bots and virtual assistants.

tensai® for assurance

Power next-gen application delivery to deliver high-quality applications on time with cost efficiencies.

tensai® for GenAI

Drive innovation with GenAI solutions, high-precision, secure knowledge systems, and executive assistance.

tensai®: Empowering Enterprises With Intelligent Automation

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