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Our Focus Areas

Transportation and Logistics

Navigate disruptive technologies and drive growth with bespoke solutions for global logistics, CEP services, postal agencies, and fleet operators.

Cargo Management

Optimize cargo journeys with modern transport technology and advanced cargo management solutions, unlocking revenue across the value chain.


Elevate ports and marine operations with specialized products and platform services for resilience, efficiency, and real-time visibility.


Infusing technical and industrial know-how, we offer enterprise services, BI, digital assurance, and customer experience to railway firms globally.

Turn to our Transportation and Logistics Services for:

Designed as a technological bridge, our Electronic Freight Kit seamlessly integrates key data points within forwarders, curbing duplicate entries and significantly reducing operational costs linked to manual data management across various platforms.

Utilizing computer vision, our Multi-Barcode Scanning Solution swiftly detects barcodes in various orientations. It captures live video feeds of multiple consignment barcodes, enhancing operational efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness.

Turn to our Transportation and Logistics Services for:

Bridge Gaps and Foster Transformation with Our Capabilities

Our cloud transformation expertise ensures a smooth transition, offering benefits like enhanced shipment tracking, real-time inventory management, detailed reports, dynamic dashboards, and performance metrics. We empower shipping and maritime service companies with sustainable product evolution and uninterrupted IT support.

Our extensive experience in test and QA automation results in cost-effective, high-quality solutions for transportation and logistics companies. We’ve partnered with various industry players to facilitate the shift from traditional testing to autonomous testing with modern quality engineering across critical functions like logistics operations, HR management, fleet transportation, and more.

Our enterprise application services empower firms to boost workforce productivity and employee experience. We help logistics and postal service providers streamline HR, payroll processes, and more, improving retention and overall growth.

We enable agile IT operations through automation, AI, and DevOps, supporting logistics and transportation clients worldwide. Our expertise covers application managed services, infrastructure management, business process services, and cloud transformation and support services, ensuring improved efficiency and maximized business value. 

Maximize data potential for real-time insights, informed decision-making, and growth. Our expertise delivers predictive maintenance, analytics, and self-service BI, enabling cross-functional reporting across logistics, ports & shipping, railways, and beyond. 

Improve customer experiences using digital solutions like tracking vessels with port information and enhancing workforce productivity through a specialized mobile application designed for transportation and logistics companies. 

Transportation and Logistics Team Leaders

Mani A

Mani A

Travel & Hospitality Leader

Ravichander KVP

Ravichander KVP

Airlines & Airports Expert

Terence Gonsalves

Terence Gonsalves

Cargo Expert

Lalitha Jayaraman

Lalitha Jayaraman

Transportation Expert

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