Beware of Fake Job Offer

At Hexaware, we value integrity and transparency in our recruitment processes. We strive to ensure that every interaction with potential candidates is genuine and free from any fraudulent activities. Unfortunately, in today’s digital age, recruitment scams have become increasingly prevalent, and it’s essential for job seekers to remain vigilant and responsible while applying for or seeking jobs on digital platforms. Hexaware strongly opposes any fraudulent activity and waives any responsibility towards any individual or organization who are/may be subject to or are victims of such frauds.

We’ve observed instances where certain agencies, companies, or individuals falsely claim to represent Hexaware and offer job opportunities in exchange for monetary gain. It’s imperative to identify the warning signs linked with these scams in order to safeguard yourself from fraud or potential harm. In order to assist you in staying vigilant, we have indicated certain red flags below, which may help you to identify fake jobs being advertised in our name.

Unusual Email Addresses: Hexaware does not use free internet email services to send job offers. Please be cautious of any communication originating from such addresses claiming to be from Hexaware.

Request for Payment: Hexaware never asks any candidate to deposit money in exchange for job offers, irrespective of whether you’re a fresh graduate, trainee, or experienced professional. If anyone requests monetary transactions for employment opportunities at Hexaware, it’s a clear indicator of a scam.

Third-party Involvement: While we may collaborate with professional recruiting firms to identify potential candidates, all job offers at Hexaware are always made directly by our organization. Offers extended through third-party intermediaries are not authorized by Hexaware and should be treated with suspicion and considered as fake.

Unauthorized Offers: Any employment offer promising monetary gain or other incentives not directly initiated by Hexaware is unauthorized and likely fraudulent. We strongly advise against accepting such offers and encourage individuals to report them immediately to

To safeguard against recruitment scams, here are some essential precautions to take:

Verify the Communication Channels: Authentic communication from Hexaware will always originate from official email addresses, typically ending with “”. Any deviation from this format should raise concerns about the legitimacy of the correspondence.

Exercise Caution with Personal Information: Avoid sharing sensitive personal or financial details, such as bank account information or identity numbers, during the initial stages of the application process. Hexaware recruiters will not solicit such information until you’ve progressed further in the hiring process.

Report Suspicious Activity: If you encounter any instances of unauthorized job offers or suspicious recruitment practices claiming to be affiliated with Hexaware, please notify us, and our team will investigate the matter promptly.

At Hexaware, we remain committed to maintaining the integrity of our recruitment processes and ensuring a fair and transparent experience for all candidates. By staying informed and vigilant, you can protect yourself against recruitment scams and pursue genuine opportunities with confidence. If you have any doubts or concerns during your job search journey, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at for assistance.

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