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Providing Outstanding Customer Experience Through Transformative Digitization

Customer Experience is a subjective measure of perceptions. Service Providers across various verticals carry perceptions be end users which are measured in respect to quality of services provided. Evaluating these perceptions is critical for management of customer experiences. These are measured by several factors and several touch points – some which are subjective and some objective. To manage customer experience, it is critical to manage the interactions at each touch point.


  • Elevated wait times and repetition of issue
  • Complex solutions to simple problems for end-users
  • Diminishing customer loyalty to brands
  • Non-delivery on promises
  • Being left in the dark

Aligning End-User Customer Experience through multiple touch points

Hexaware follows a standard approach to study CSAT and NPS. However, Hexaware digs deep to study reasons for the CSAT and NPS outcomes. We attempt to link the customers end-to-end journey through multiple touchpoints. This ensured we understand a holistic view of approach to customers. Again, no customer is alike – hence doing a detailed analysis of the various categories of customers across competition is what we like to re-imagine and then treat each customer differently. Hexaware likes to think our client customer journeys as our own and address feedback in real time – transforming the entire experience.

Redefining the Customer Experience through automation tools and technologies

Hexaware aims to be the first global services firm with a 50% Digital Workforce. This thinking drives our approach to everything we do in Business Process Services. Our focus is to enable our customers to unlock up 45- 50% value from their business processes through our innovative Digital Managed Services model.

One of the key elements is introduction of our Automation elements which has a futuristic focus of reducing call volumes. Primary modus would be by focusing on increasing self-help and chat support on websites and Apps. This acts as the first touchpoint for end-users. Hexaware also builds an intensive database of all the diverse types of queries for which the end users connect with clients. Chats and Self-Helps are configured accordingly which tend to be extremely effective and user friendly.

We use models to analyze end user journeys and move these customers to the ideal consumer profile. Analytics driven decision making models help us understand and segment members and provide customized recommendations to increase customer sentiment and life time value.

Transformation indices through analytics and secure sticky customers

Hexaware uses a set of proprietary tools, applications along with other partner tools to bring in IT- BPS synergies to clients which ensure that they are ready for near future challenges and are Future proof.

Customers interact with companies across multiple channels with an increased satisfaction level output. Our analytics studies all these expectations across channels and comprehensively analyses the data across touchpoints, demographics and products. We tend to future proof end customer loyalty for our clients through measuring the journey across rather than at specific touchpoints creating significant end user experiences.

Hexaware as your Customer Experience Partner

Hexaware has No Fear of Revenue Cannibalization – Being a mid-sized Integrated (BPS + IT + Infra) service vendor, we have the critical scale and domain depth and are also right sized to be able to fearlessly disrupt operations through automation. Very large service providers are unable to take this posture due to fear of revenue cannibalization and lack of agility inherent in their size.

We bring in new entrant perspective – Hexaware acts as a key strategic partner with its unwavering focus on user experience and new entrant perspective. Hexaware supports and partner with clients in its end user engagement initiatives as it tries to understand, predict and become a trusted and caring advisor.

We are the “Digital David” – We as an organization are focused on Customer Experience Management with “Grow Digital – Deliver Customer Delight” as our key strategy. We believe that Consumerism is an evolving service space and our BPS, IT and Infra teams are focused on providing services and disrupting existing operating models in this space by Process Automation and Redesign and harnessing the power of data.

We bring in strategic partners – Hexaware will continue to analyze the incoming calls and other member touch point data and closely work with clients to understand and contribute towards a better and evolving engagement strategy.

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