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Evolving Needs of Customer Experience

Customer Experience has never been more important. With born digital competition disrupting most industries and ever more demanding customers, it is increasingly challenging to retain customers. This also presents an opportunity to establish competitive advantage for enterprises. A superior and differentiated customer experience can not only retain customers but ensure steady revenue growth through meticulously customized products. The contact center must no longer remain content with being a cost center and  should make progress towards cost neutrality to become a profit center.

Customer Experience market trends:

  • One size does not fit all – customized responses for specific demographics: specifically millennials’ expectations are impacting service delivery
  • Digital channels access plays high on customer satisfaction
  • Switching to competition is just a click away
  • Brand impression is built on the quality of every interaction

Hexaware provides contact center services like voice, email, chat or social media with automation and digitization at the core by harnessing RPA / ML /AI and a robust ecosystem of telephone, CRM, WFM and other contact center tools to fuel superior customer experiences for our clients.

  • No Fear of Revenue Cannibalization
    Being a mid-sized integrated (BPS + IT + Infrastructure) service provider, we have the critical scale, domain depth and size to fearlessly disrupt operations through automation. Very large service providers are unable to take this posture due to fear of revenue cannibalization and lack of agility inherent in their size.
  • Our Strategy
    Hexaware’s strategy is to ‘AUTOMATE EVERYTHING®, CLOUDIFY EVERYTHING® and TRANSFORM CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES®’ and this ties in with our approach to bring in the latest and greatest technology be it Machine Learning powered customer churn models, Chatbots or Artificial Intelligence in the form of virtual assistants.
  • Experience
    Hexaware has over 20 clients in the customer experience area, in industries as diverse as e-payments, retail, banking, travel and hospitality, background verification, insurance, etc. Our global delivery presence spans every major time zone and geography, with delivery being customized to client needs be it onshore, nearshore or offshore.

Our Approach

  • Re-imagine

    Hexaware believes that a contact center services provider must transform into a strategic partner. To this end, we understand the end to end customer journey, while re-imagining and rethinking the entire process in terms of touchpoints, interactions and experiences. This is critical to transforming customer journeys and creating frictionless interactions. We have customized tools, solutions and a robust partner ecosystem for service delivery from onshore, nearshore and offshore. Hexaware takes ownership of the customer journey and uses real time feedback through surveys and other channels to continuously improve our services.

  • Re-engineer + Automate

    Hexaware aims to be the first global services firm with a 50% Digital Workforce. This thinking drives our approach to everything we do in Business Process Services. Our focus is to enable our customers to unlock 45% – 50% value from their business processes through our innovative Digital Managed Services model. This is achieved through our commitment to bring in Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence services to empower agents and reduce manual intervention, enabling smart self-service through chatbots, virtual assistants and effective customer experience design. Machine Learning/AI is also leveraged to unlock insights in data through custom built models that can predict variables such as churn, customer lifetime value and personalized recommendations.

  • Future Proof

    Hexaware’s sustained experience of providing contact center services globally to our clients ensures we have considerable domain expertise and the right talent to deliver and meet high standards, be it CSAT/NPS or SLA/KPIs. We cater to global languages through a multitude of channels be it voice, email, chat or social media. Hexaware is agnostic to client systems and applications, however, transformative technologies will be suggested and implemented as the opportunity arises. Our analytics captures customer expectations across channels and comprehensively analyzes the data based on demographics and products. We are inclined to future proof end customer loyalty for our clients through measuring the customer journey across touchpoints creating significant end-user experiences.

Hexaware’s Office@Home Solution

Enabling better customer experiences

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