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Contact Center Digital Transformation


In the current dynamic environment, contact center is the fulcrum of growth. Digital customer experience backed by AI-based decision support and futuristic technology is what enterprises strive for. Hexaware enables global organizations to orchestrate their contact center strategy with end-user experience and a cloud communications platform at the forefront.  We take pride in owning the implementation of the platform/ technology and tying it back to ROI, both tangible and intangible while providing a superior contact center customer experience.

  • Our partnership with industry leaders in contact center solutions like Twilio, AWS, Microsoft, Freshworks, Zendesk, etc. empowers our offerings/services.
  • We leverage the ease of omnichannel interaction encompassing cognitive solutions like Conversational BOT, advanced IVR, all on a pay-per-use model.
  • We utilize a Customer/ Agent Journey Mapping and Blue Printing Approach to tie outcomes to business benefit.
  • We help modernize old-school call centers to future-ready experience centers through digital transformation encompassing mobile apps, self-service, cognitive IVR, voicebot, chatbot, ACD on cloud and more to enrich the end-user experience.
  • Our contact center transformation consultants view this more as a revenue enabler than a cost play.
  • We have created our contact center transformation experts’ team with a mix of Millennial and Gen Z technology gurus who jointly challenge the status quo.
  • We assess and then draw the blueprint of what success looks like for the client. Based on their end consumer’s stated and unstated needs, we re-orchestrate the contact center solution. We do not just stop there but we own the end-to-end deployment and our commercial model is tied back to the ROI.

Why Hexaware?


Hexaware has best-in-class IPs and accelerators accentuated by technology leadership, industry experience, flexible engagement frameworks, a partnership approach and a modern delivery paradigm that can set the stage for exponential growth and accelerated ROI.

Focus on End Consumer

Focus on End Consumer


The industry has been searching for a fresh approach and Hexaware’s Contact center transformation has found its niche there. Our focused approach towards customer’s end-consumers and our cloud-native partnerships makes ROI quick and real. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is not just a KPI but more of end-consumers being heard and having a delightful customer journey!

Proven Experience


The ecommerce/ Travel & Transportation industries have been pioneering in redefining the meaning of the contact center and has been at the forefront of the success of cloud-based technology deployments. Hexaware, with its Automate Everything®, Cloudify Everything® and Transform Customer Experience® approach has partnered successfully with prominent global brands and has the first-mover advantage.

Proven Experience
Future Ready

Future Ready


If you are looking for a nimble, future-ready (cognitive solutions) partner for Contact Center Transformation (CCT) using high-end chatbots and AI that can help fund automation-led sustainable cost takeout and an omnichannel experience, Hexaware stands beside you; We will design, deploy and deliver (3 D’s) a revenue enhancing contact center for you.

Snapshot of our CCT components

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Contact Center Cloud Migration

Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence & cloud to modernize your contact center operations with contemporary technologies and solutions.

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Business Services Support

Technology to strategic consulting, support for all business needs to drive value and provide positive experiences.

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Conversational AI, Voicebots, Chatbots & Social Media

Futuristic bots with conversational AI for digitally automated intelligent solutions.

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Mobile Applications

Superior mobile applications to reduce customer service turnaround times and enhanced customer engagement and experience.

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Speech and Contact Center Analytics

Advanced analysis of call recordings and live calls to improve the customer experience using advanced Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning with real-time agent assistance and back-office workflows.

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Knowledge Management and Agent Assistance

Real-time agent assistance, micro conversations and coaching with Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning enhanced automation for quicker customer resolutions.

Technology Partner Solutions

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