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Driven by the common goal of helping customers achieve digital transformation, Hexaware and Spryker Systems, the creator of Spryker Cloud Commerce OS, have entered into a strong strategic partnership. This strategic global alliance, with Hexaware as a Gold Partner, involves co-developing digital commerce solutions and building capabilities relevant to industries, to help our clients solve critical business challenges in an accelerated, smarter and cost-effective way.

Why Spryker?

The advanced, high-performing scalable cloud commerce and marketplace solutions from Spryker demand least development efforts and are fully customizable, truly headless and immediately usable, thereby ensuring:

  • Rapid time-to-market
  • Seamless, real-time development of customer interfaces
  • Innovative and intuitive front-end and touch points
  • Support for IoT, mobile apps, bots, smart devices, voice commerce, etc.
  • Agility by allowing to build, measure and learn based on KPIs

Why Hexaware?

  • Cloud experts across public, private and hybrid cloud environments
  • Credible experience in PaaS services and implementations
  • Expertise in containerized deployments for global enterprises
  • Next-gen cloud modernization services with AMAZETM for Applications, Data and AI
  • Dedicated business practice to Transform Customer ExperiencesTM
  • Named Leader in the Digital Business – Solutions & Services Partners 2020 ISG Provider Lens™ Quadrant Report

Spryker and Hexaware- The Perfect Match     

Hexaware’s tripartite strategy of Automate EverythingTM, Cloudify EverythingTM and Transform Customer ExperiencesTM is a perfect match to Spryker’s DNA of delivering next-gen Cloud Commerce OS for complex, but innovative, customer experiences.

As a Spryker Gold partner, we can resolve the customer’s challenges of:

  1. Consolidation of heterogeneous and very fragmented system landscape with multiple standalone solutions
  2. Unnecessary code components and features, with no lean system
  3. Outdated tech-stack that is cumbersome to maintain and lacking in agility and flexibility
  4. Monolith systems that can be a beast if going outside the normal instance of the application
  5. Lack of Proof-of-Concepts and MVPs

Our Service Offerings Around Cloud Commerce

  • Full end-to-end scoping, estimations, and development using Spryker front end, middleware, and back end in the existing tech stack
  • Assembling transition plans to migrate partially or entirely from legacy and monolith systems to Spryker architecture
  • Collaborate independently or with existing development teams to augment Spryker expertise and team structure

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