Hexaware & Snowflake: Shaping The Future

Advancing data capabilities and innovation through Hexaware’s strategic partnership with Snowflake

Optimizing Data Ecosystems With Snowflake & Amaze®

Transform the landscape of your data platforms by harnessing the disruptive power of Snowflake in synergy with Hexaware’s Amaze®. Elevate your enterprise to new efficiencies, transform challenges into structured solutions, and stay at the forefront of digital innovation.

A Deep Dive Into Hexaware’s Expertise In Snowflake Integration

Experience the unparalleled advantages of Snowflake’s cloud data platform with Hexaware. Benefit from exceptional performance, unmatched scalability, and agility. Transition from traditional constraints to a robust ecosystem where secure cross-cloud data sharing becomes a standard.

Strategically Streamlined: Snowflake Migration via Amaze®

Hexaware’s Amaze® offers a methodical approach to Snowflake migration, that includes:

  • Comprehensive discovery & assessment for informed decisions.
  • Efficient metadata-driven migration encompassing data, pipeline, and reports.
  • Holistic solutions, bridging gaps from data engineering to data sharing.
  • Sustained value extraction from your Snowflake investment with continuous monitoring and optimization.

Hexaware’s Snowflake Spectrum

Our suite of services for Snowflake goes beyond the conventional, focusing on efficacy and innovation.

  • Innovative architecture and design
  • Advanced data platform modernization
  • Integrated dashboard solutions
  • Precise migrations: from on-premises to cloud-optimized platforms
  • Strategic data integration initiatives
  • Dedicated environment management & support
  • Pioneering initiatives via Snowflake’s center of excellence

Snowflake Leaders

Milan Bhatt

President & Global Head – Modernization & Healthcare & Insurance

Sanjay Salunkhe

President & Global Head – Digital & Software Services

Siddharth Dhar

Corporate Vice President & Global Head – Digital IT Operations

Arun ‘Rak’ Ramchandran

President & Global Head – Consulting & GenAI Practice, Hi-Tech & Professional Services

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