Hexaware’s Guidewire Practice empowers Property & Casualty (P&C) insurers to implement state-of-the-art core platforms and design an integrated ecosystem of surround capabilities for digital, data & analytics, AI and automation.


Hexaware and Guidewire Cloud empower carriers with unique capabilities that accelerate growth, streamline operations, and shape the future of insurance.

Setting a New Pace for Transformation

Accelerate your time to market with Hexaware’s cutting-edge implementation tools and frameworks that leverage Guidewire’s advanced product designer.

Get on the cloud faster with our tool-based assessment approach, built-in cloud conformance rules, and auto remediation services.

Identify cost-saving opportunities for application support and maintenance using our assessment toolkit that enables guaranteed and time-bound TCO reduction.

Enable faster, quality-assured policy and claims data migration using our integrated and automated data and migration platform.

Transform your testing with our automation-first approach. Unify and simplify all testing (functional and non-functional) for implementation and upgrade programs on one seamless platform.

Our Capabilities

Data, tech, and AI—combined strengths to create best-in-class solutions.

Hexaware’s low-code product definition, catalog-based modular development, and prebuilt components can get your new products on Guidewire Cloud much faster than ever before.

Hexaware’s well-defined methodology to migrate to the Guidewire Cloud Platform accelerates the migration process with minimal risk and the highest predictability. Leveraging our expertise and automated tools, we ensure a seamless transition from on-prem to Guidewire Cloud.

Hexaware’s digital upgrade toolkit, designed with a customer-first approach, is equipped with pre-built Jutro components, user journey maps, estimation models, and best practices that accelerate product launches and maximize ROI while offering unmatched flexibility and scalability.

Hexaware’s automation-first approach guarantees TCO reduction using purpose-built Gen AI-enabled tools and solutions for effective knowledge management, continuous monitoring, reporting and improved efficiency.

Hexaware’s metadata-driven data migration platform enables end-to-end automation that accelerates data conversion and migration from multiple legacy source systems to the core Guidewire suite of products.

Our test automation platform ensures end-to-end testing–from integration to automation, with proven QA processes and our arsenal of tools, frameworks, and accelerators.

Hexaware Guidewire practice: Breathing life into innovation

Hexaware’s Guidewire practice has been evolving to create top-tier solutions and accelerators, all geared towards a holistic enhancement of insurers’ core and digital capabilities while seamlessly aligning them with evolving business needs.

Guidewire Practice Team Leaders

Karthik Gopinath

Guidewire Leader

Subamalar Prabhakaran

Guidewire Expert

Ramya Canchevaram Ramgopal

Guidewire Expert

Anand Kumar Loganathan

Guidewire Expert

Kumar Jeyaprakasam

Guidewire Expert

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