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Implementation and application management services for Oracle EBS, HCM, ERP, SCM, EPM, and CX Cloud to transform your business processes.

Elevate your Oracle landscape with Hexaware

In the ever-evolving landscape of Oracle, selecting the right Oracle partner is imperative. Your organization’s success in optimizing Oracle processes, enhancing user experience, and ensuring compliance is difficult. Here’s how Hexaware can add substantial value:

  1. Proven expertise: At Hexaware, we possess a wealth of experience and expertise in Oracle solutions and implementations. Our track record of successful projects demonstrates our commitment to ensuring that you extract maximum value from your investment.
  2. Efficiency and innovation: Hexaware is committed to streamlining your processes, reducing manual efforts, and fostering a culture of continuous innovation. Our solutions are geared towards delivering enhanced productivity and agility. By embracing automation and cutting-edge technologies, we empower you to remain at the forefront of Oracle capabilities.
  3. Tailored solutions: Every organization is unique, with its own set of distinct needs and objectives. Our approach is characterized by flexibility and adaptability, because we tailor our solutions to perfectly align with your specific requirements. We ensure that our offerings remain relevant and valuable as your organization evolves and grows.
  4. Exceptional support: Hexaware’s support teams are equipped to address your concerns promptly and effectively. Your issues, questions, and challenges are met with the utmost care and urgency. Our support is designed to ensure a seamless Oracle journey, allowing you to focus on the core priorities of your organization.

Why Hexaware?

Hexaware is not just another Oracle Cloud partner; we’re a dedicated ally committed to making a tangible difference in your Oracle Cloud journey. Our Oracle consulting and implementation services are devised to elevate your experience, enhance your efficiency, and provide exceptional support at every juncture. At Hexaware, we believe that your success is our success, and we’re excited to partner with you to help achieve your Oracle Cloud objectives.

Hexaware’s Oracle Capabilities

Hexaware’s extensive partnership with Oracle, spanning over 25 years, fast-tracks your ERP transformation. As a global leader, we offer Oracle services and consulting to clients at every stage of their Oracle ecosystem.

Our platform-driven approach covers all phases of the Oracle Cloud implementation. This includes tools and solutions for data migration, process engineering, data archival, cloud readiness assessment, and more. Hexaware’s excellence has been recognized with awards, including Oracle Cloud Partner of the Year and Co-Development Partner for Oracle Cloud Applications.

Hexaware offers support services and upgrades to the latest versions of Oracle EBS and PeopleSoft. We specialize in lift-and-shift migrations of legacy instances to public cloud platforms (Hyperscalers). Hexaware’s expertise in performing upgrades and Cloud migrations has benefited Oracle legacy customers worldwide.

Hexaware, a leader in PeopleSoft transformations, provides a complete range of services across the entire PeopleSoft lifecycle. We offer customized solutions to address your industry-specific needs through our consult, design, build and manage approach. Our services encompass PeopleSoft advisory, PeopleSoft implementations, support and integrations, version and PUM upgrades, and PeopleSoft on cloud solutions.

Our global delivery model provides end-to-end support for Oracle Cloud AMS (HCM, ERP, EPM, SCM, CX Cloud), ensuring over 30% savings through various engagement models. We provide inbuilt tools, accelerators, and solutions that drive zero-risk transitions, year-over-year productivity gains, in-house innovation, and continuous value additions, resulting in significant efficiency improvements and cost reductions.

As an Oracle Platinum partner, we offer extensive services across Oracle EBS and the Oracle Cloud suite. From global Oracle implementation and legacy modernization to process innovation and digital transformation, we deliver optimum results with minimal business disruptions. Our services include consulting, implementations, rollouts, upgrades, platform migration, application management, support, custom development, and enhancements.

Oracle Practice Team Leaders

Mahadevan Venkateswaran

Oracle Leader

Vishal Rao

Oracle Leader

Anantha Rangarajan

Oracle Expert

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