Hexaware’s Duck Creek practice blends tech expertise with Duck Creek’s advanced software for a powerhouse of digital transformation. Offering customized, scalable solutions, Hexaware’s collaboration with Duck Creek propels operational efficiency, enhances customer experiences, and ensures P&C insurance organizations stay competitive and relevant.

Building a Future of Boundless Possibilities

Experience accelerated digital transformation with Hexaware’s product launch factory for Duck Creek. Benefit from a pre-built line of business templates, built-in integration, automated configuration, and a pre-built test suite while reducing risk and ensuring a faster, more competitive rollout.

Upgrade seamlessly from on-prem to Duck Creek OnDemand (DCOD). With Hexaware’s DCOD cloud enablement toolset, experience an accelerated, cost-effective, and de-risked transition supported by a tool-based assessment, precise estimation, automated remediation, and an upgraded test automation pack.

Experience a cost-efficient future for application support and maintenance. Our holistic approach, including a proprietary assessment toolkit, ensures time-bound TCO reduction for BAU while promoting faster post-go-live system stability. This enables you to confidently plan your IT budget for future digitalization and analytics.

Leverage our domain expertise and ready-to-use portal design for rapid digital transformation. We integrate multiple personas (including but not limited to the producer, customer, underwriter, etc.) and use cases across multiple low-code or no-code platforms, ensuring speed to market and cost optimization. Our intuitive persona-based digital portal acts as a single source of truth for both B2B and B2C interactions, consistently motivating agents and brokers, and driving loyalty with customers.

Elevate quality and efficiency with automation-first DevOps and testing. Our intelligent platform offers comprehensive end-to-end automation, covering functional, non-functional, and cloud upgrade testing. With a synthetic test data generator, ALM support, auto-healing for failure, easy maintenance, and script portability, this integrated solution enhances the quality of new rollouts while also reducing costs.

Elevate operations with AI-powered efficiency. Our AI-driven submission intake, predictive analytics for underwriting and claims, and hyper-automated IoT-integrated claims settlement enable straight-through processing (STP). This results in increased revenue, faster underwriting and claims settlement, and improved customer experiences.

Building a Future of Boundless Possibilities

Our Capabilities

Hexaware’s quality assurance model enables enterprises to deliver a defect-free product with agility and confidence. Our team has developed an autonomous testing platform for the Duck Creek Suite that uses AI, ML, and NLP to automate all the manual steps, making the testing process human-independent, self-learning, and self-healing.

Hexaware’s policy and claims migration engine for the Duck Creek Suite is specifically designed to ease the burden of data conversion by automating every step of the policy and claims migration lifecycle, from extraction to loading.

Hexaware’s three-step approach simplifies the transition to Duck Creek OnDemand (DCOD). First, we assess readiness, identify risks, and estimate the migration process. Next, we use automation to streamline migration and eliminate technical debt. Post-migration, we provide continuous application support for a stable DCOD environment, ensuring a seamless and efficient transition.

Our generative AI-powered solutions automate support and maintenance, freeing up Duck Creek teams for proactive tasks. We prevent incidents, automate recovery, and enable self-service when needed. Our optimized support includes continuous monitoring, automation-led operations, an efficient operating model, and a guaranteed risk-mitigated transition.

Our Capabilities

The Hexaware and Duck Creek partnership offers an extensive range of digital implementation services that augment the capabilities of Duck Creek’s software suite. Our combined services empower P&C insurers to optimize outcomes and enhance customer engagement through on-premises or cloud implementations.

Duck Creek Practice Team Leaders

Baldeepp singh Chowdhary

Duck Creek Leader

Jaywant Shinde

Duck Creek Leader

Neelam Pokharia

Duck Creek Expert

Priyanka Shrivas

Duck Creek Expert

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Duck Creek Expert

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