As an advanced tier partner of AWS, Hexaware guarantees tangible business benefits, reduced total cost of cloud ownership, and enhanced customer experience for modernday scenarios. We specialize in cloud and data migration and modernization, facilitating quicker cloud adoption and digital transformation with AWS. 

AWS Cloud Services

Hexaware is committed to delivering excellence and innovation, steering clients towards agility and reliability through comprehensive AWS cloud service offerings.

Our Amaze® platform offers a suite of solutions that accelerate strategic cloud transformation, saving time and money. It specializes in app and data warehouse modernization through automation. 

We provide fast, cost-effective liftandshift infrastructure migration services.

Eliminate excess licensing costs by running re-platform application servers, middleware, and databases on Postgres-RDS or Aurora DB on AWS. 

Migrate your data warehouse ecosystemdata store, ETLs & visualizations to run on AWS native services or AWS Redshift. 

Modernize onpremises legacy contact center technology to cloud contact centers based on AWS Connect. 

Uncover actionable intelligence from your data using AWS machine learning services to drive informed decisions and innovation for your business. 

Each industry has its own unique needs. As an AWS advanced consulting partner, our services leverage the power of AWS to drive innovation, enhance operational efficiency, and ensure compliance—in a way that is tailored to your specific industry.

Optimized AWS Data Modernization

Strategize for optimal AWS cloud-native benefits.

Get consultations on optimal solutions for a smooth transition, ensuring your data ecosystems, workflows, and visualizations are optimized for AWS Cloud. 

Make it happen with Amaze®  

Amaze® automates evaluation for cloud-readiness of your data ecosystem. Designed to work within AWS’s well-architected frameworks, the platform drives thorough assessments and helps define a definitive roadmap for your data migration with AWS.  

Attain a deeper understanding of necessary data architecture for an efficient and effective cloud environment for your Data & AI.  

Do it better with Amaze®  

Amaze® ensures that your data warehouse is tailored for maximum performance in AWS, empowering you with its platform to swiftly develop business cases, strategize effectively, and evaluate the total cost of ownership (TCO) within days. 


Build an optimal data ecosystem to support pivotal business movements. Lead with your digital products, services, and platforms by building an AI-ready data foundation on:  

  • Amazon Redshift for modernized data workloads 
  • AWS Data Lake for centralized, scalable data storage  
  • AWS Glue for seamless serverless data integration 
  • Amazon QuickSight for unified business intelligence  

Optimized AWS Data Modernization

Strategize for optimal AWS cloud-native benefits.

Data & AI Services

As an Advanced Tier AWS Partner, we unlock your data’s strategic power. 

Our partnership ensures access to AWS’s latest cloud advancements fueling data and AI capabilities suited to your industry. With its differentiators prioritizing innovation, you can address business challenges at their core. 

Use AWS-powered AI and Gen AI to unlock new potential for your data, build optimal business conditions for lasting success, and change your view on what you can do—quickly, easily, and at scale.  

 Build data strategy with AWS services to offer unmatched experiences with your industry products, services, and platforms.


Our comprehensive strategy and roadmaps align with your enterprise-wide business goals, carefully mapping out the steps to reach there with AWS’s well-architected cloud frameworks.  


Migrate your legacy data and analytics platforms to AWS cloud or modernize your data warehouse with Amazon Redshift Spectrum, enabling direct querying from your data lake and providing a less complex, scalable, and cost-friendly solution. 


Migrate your legacy data and analytics platforms to AWS cloud or modernize your data warehouse with Amazon Redshift Spectrum, enabling direct querying from your data lake and providing a less complex, scalable, and cost-friendly solution. 


Design and implement efficient data pipelines with AWS Glue — automate data flow, streamline processing, and implement metadata-driven frameworks.


Use Amazon EMR (Elastic MapReduce) on even larger scales for your large-scale data processing tasks — boosting data-driven operations. 

Apply Hexaware’s globally trusted data governance frameworks built on AWS services like Amazon CloudWatch. Assure data quality, compliance, and security throughout your data ecosystems. 

Reinvent how your insights are delivered! Create dynamic dashboards and reports with AWS QuickSight and Athena.


Transform business productivity with Amazon Q’s Gen AI querying for business intelligence. Transform data into visually engaging and easy-to-understand formats. 

Tailor AI/ML solutions to your business needs, from predictive analytics to automated intelligent decision systems.


Develop and deploy AI models built upon carefully curated data assets with Amazon SageMaker. Integrate Amazon Comprehend for natural language processing (NLP) tasks or Amazon Transcribe for speech recognition to enrich your AI capabilities. 



Harness the power of Gen AI with Amazon Bedrock to create innovative applications for content creation, data augmentation, and more. Explore the best way to align with new possibilities, spark creativity, and enhance productivity in customer-facing business processes.

AWS Industry Data Solutions

Unified, gold-standard AI-ready data models.

Hexaware Paymatix™

Hexaware Paymatix™

A unified advanced analytics platform for retail banking and payments for Data as a Service (DaaS) and AI-driven insights.

Enterprise Data Management for Capital Markets

Enterprise Data Management for Capital Markets

A data management platform that leverages intelligent automation and AI/ML for superior end-user experience.

Gen AI-powered Application for Retailers

Gen AI-powered Application for Retailers

A SaaS solution empowering retailers to transform their business with Gen AI powered by AWS Bedrock.

Our service delivery validations are a testament to our high-standards as an AWS cloud partner.

Why Hexaware For AWS?

With over 2000+ Cloud Certified Consultants and a dedicated AWS Center of Excellence, Hexaware exemplifies a commitment to excellence in cloud technologies. Our consultants hold an impressive tally of 900+ AWS certifications, demonstrating our expertise in delivering cutting-edge AWS cloud solutions to our customers.  

We also proudly bear the designation of an AWS ProServe Partner, signifying our exceptional proficiency in leveraging AWS services. Hexaware’s commitment to delivering excellence is further underscored by 5 competencies and 4 service validations, solidifying our stature as a trusted partner in the dynamic landscape of cloud computing within the intricate framework of AWS standards. 

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Reach new heights in innovation, scalability, and security and shape your cloud strategy for a future-ready enterprise.

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