Transform Data and Analytics ecosystem with Databricks unified analytics platform

Transform Data and Analytics ecosystem with Databricks unified analytics platform

Faster transformation of your analytics workloads to Databricks transformation

Helping Organizations scale their Data and Analytics landscape

Organizations today have been impacted by the ability to scale data engineering and AI/ML solutions on enterprise-scale cloud data workloads. Hexaware is a preferred partner to Databricks, helping customers leverage this cloud-based unified data analytics platform. 

Databricks enables ingesting, processing, analyzing and sharing data across the business on a unified platform. The platform makes it easy for data scientists, data engineers and business analysts to collaborate and work together on projects in an interactive workspace.

Hexaware’s Amaze™ for Data & AI offering helps fast-track the transformation of analytics workloads hosted on legacy on-premise data warehouses like Oracle DB, SQL Server, Teradata, Exadata, Netezza, etc. to Databricks environment in a safe, secure and rapid manner.

Amaze™ for Data & AI Ensures Business Continuity During transformation to Databricks by:

  • Enabling environment setup, Architecture & Design
  • Driving faster computation and transformation on PaaS based distributed Hadoop environment
  • Easily writing Spark based ELT with Azure Data Flow (In private preview)
  • Making data management jobs migration easier by integrating SSIS jobs or SQL scripts within Data Factory or SQL Server
  • Delivering data processing integration – Scala and PySpark
  • Sandbox setup and governance
  • Realizing ML solution setup, automation and execution
  • Speeding up migration from cloud native services (EMR, HDInsight)

Why Work With Us?

Hexaware is a Preferred Partner to Databricks with deep capabilities and a strategic focus on skill build.

What Sets us Apart:

  • Azure and AWS Databricks lab setup proof of concept
  • Integrates with platforms like Informatica, Talend
  • Automates impact assessment for the migration of existing R, Python code to run on Databricks
  • Automates code conversion
  • Designs PySpark code templates for conversion
  • Team of certified Databricks consultants
  • Tech and sales enablement programs

Business Examples

  • Helped a leading Stock Exchange firm build EDM platform on public cloud, leveraging Azure PaaS services such as SQL DB, Databricks
  • Helped a leading Mining firm migrate their analytics workloads hosted on Hadoop and Teradata ecosystem to Databricks and delivered use case based on Snowflake as a cloud warehouse

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