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Organizations, at the time of adopting cloud, faces multiple challenges and questions.

Organizations, at the time of adopting cloud, faces multiple challenges and questions.

  • 1. What are deployment options available – On-prem or     Cloud?
  • 2. What are the advantages of moving to cloud?
  • 3. What IaaS options are available – HEC,     Azure/AWS/GCP?
  • 4. Which Cloud provider should we go with?
  • 5. How infrastructure would be migrated?
  • 6. How much time it would take to become operational?
  • 7. How soon the shift to cloud be fully completed?
  • 8. When is the right time to move to cloud?

SAP cloudification Approach

Our engagement on cloudification journey starts with clearing the doubts of organization with our unique and time-tested framework.  framework analyses customer’s requirements from 3 major dimensions: Landscape complexity, Business model and size and possible target architecture for cloudification and digitization needs considering the transition and transformation efforts needed. This will enable cloudification team level 1 guidance to decide on migration path.

Assessment through triadic ensures 360’ analysis of the aspects of cloud migration journey by covering all the components from Technical feasibility to Product Adoption.

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Technical Feasibility

Technically feasible to implement with SAP’s Architecture roadmap, integration with peripheral systems

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Business Alignment

Business direction for process improvements coupled with technological advancements, low disruption and high outputs

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Change Management

Engagement of business from sites / locations, training end users, update process maps, operating procedures

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Business Outcome

Return of Investment can be measured in terms of cost reduction and (or) increasing profitability

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Total Cost of Ownership

Cost of Upgrade / Migration considering HW, SW, Services and Sunk Cost and Possible Portfolio Optimization

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Time to finish project and experience business benefits

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Product Adoption

Stability and Maturity from SAP Software perspective. Early adoption can introduce new issues, but late adoption can keep technology outdated

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