World’s Leading Media Company Optimizes Workday Support and Reduces Cost Through a Trusted Workday Partner  World’s Leading Media Company Optimizes Workday Support and Reduces Cost Through a Trusted Workday Partner 

World’s Leading Media Company Optimizes Workday Support and Reduces Cost Through a Trusted Workday Partner 

Discover how organizations can streamline operations and reduce costs through a strategic partnership.


The client is one of the world’s leading media companies providing critical business intelligence to decision-makers in professional markets across domains such as finance, corporate governance, pharma, life sciences, and much more. The client had implemented a Workday solution that covers over 60,000 employees in 90 countries across APAC, EMEA, the US, and Latin America.  


Client’s Business Challenges: 

Our client was looking for a strong partner to support its focus on delivering a robust reporting solution to its managers and HR team. In addition, the following demanding business challenges required an expert Workday partner to deliver maximum business value: 

  • Global, centralized HR reporting was a vision that could help in report writing activity and optimize reporting solutions, solving unmet needs, and eliminating unused reports. 
  • High internal attrition resulted in a higher number of unresolved issues. 
  • Lack of internal skills posed a threat to future initiatives. 
  • Higher operational costs mandated that the management team look for an offshore outsourcing setup. 
  • Focusing on strategic priorities was another reason to free up their internal workforce. 
  • Required extended team for monitoring business system integration and its performance as well as managing daily operations. 

Technical Environment: 

  • Product: Workday HCM. 
  • Modules: Core HR, Compensation Benefits, Talent Management, Time Tracking, Absence Management, Workday Payroll for US, Workday Payroll for Canada, and Self-service. 


For the client, Hexaware setup a global report factory with a dedicated 10-person team at an offshore facility in India to handle: 

  • End-to-end global reporting through a centralized approach. 
  • Data load support for the various Workday business processes. 
  • Year-end activities: 
  • Day-to-day transactional datasheets and uploads. 
  • HR transactions (organization changes, compensation, time-tracking, payroll). 
  • Compensation-related changes. 
  • Fixes and development for various integrations and reports. 
  • Level 2 and Level 3 support. 


Business Benefits: 

As soon as Hexaware took over the support, we quickly became an extended Workday support partner for maintaining business continuity. We: 

  • Developed an automated Excel-based tool for error handling during data uploads using EIB. 
  • Reduced the time to load data by 40% by automated data filling for system values and validations. 
  • Developed a Studio integration program for large volume (200 K rows) data load through EIB that reduced time to load data by 70% and improved data load performance. 
  • Standardized report formats. 
  • Provided faster resolution to many unsolved and pending issues. 
  • Laid a foundation for optimized outcomes and better reporting capabilities. 
  • Delivered a 10% improvement in productivity on data loads and reporting activities. 

Engagement Highlights: 

  • Global Report Factory Model: Hexaware leveraged the Global report factory model to serve more than 90 countries in EMEA, APAC, and NA.  
  • Country Specific Rules and Specifications: Hexaware deployed data load standardization catering to the specific rules and requirements of individual countries. 
  • Faster Time to Market: Given the time-critical nature of the client’s business, Hexaware developed accelerators and standard templates to save time and minimize errors.  
  • First-time Right Approach Strategy: The entire engagement is driven by stringent SLAs for effective project management.  
  • Project Transparency: Hexaware ensured complete transparency through continuous review and effort variance monitoring. This helped in ensuring that weak spots in the process were detected early and fixed. 


In summary, our partnership with this world-leading media company highlights the remarkable optimization of Workday support and cost reduction through Hexaware’s expertise. Hexaware established a global report factory, addressing end-to-end reporting, data load support, fixes, development, and Level 2 and Level 3 support. The collaboration led to significant benefits, including enhanced data loading efficiency, standardized reports, and improved productivity. Hexaware’s global delivery capabilities, multi-country support experience, and SLA-driven approach proved instrumental in this transformative journey.  

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