Facilities Management Leader Automates Processes Across 16-Country with Oracle HCM Cloud Facilities Management Leader Automates Processes Across 16-Country with Oracle HCM Cloud

Facilities Management Leader Automates Processes Across 16-Country with Oracle HCM Cloud

Discover how Hexaware's expertise propelled the client into a new era of optimized manpower, reduced human error, and standardized global HR practices


The client is an integrated facilities management services provider across the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia with an annual revenue of USD 200+ million. As a leading FM company, they serve various industries, including Oil & Gas, Banking, Industrial, Public Sector, Integrated Workplaces, Education, Retail, etc. 


Business Needs  

The client lacked an automated system and used manual processes, leading to redundant tasks. As a solution, they decided to implement Oracle HCM cloud for managing talent recruitment and learning. 

Hexaware assessed and understood their business landscapes, requirements, etc., ensuring they seamlessly integrated and adopted the Oracle HCM cloud. Operating in more than 20 countries, shifting from a paper-based method to an automated one was their best decision. Oracle Cloud helped them perform multiple tasks seamlessly across their entire business landscape. 

Key challenges faced by the client- 

  • The client’s HR department relied on manual processes, and employees had to file records manually for their talent management and recruiting needs 
  • Manual and inefficient processes, missing competency matrix, unavailability of past performance snapshots, missing business functionality of peer feedback, etc. 
  • No centralized visibility 
  • Manual and time-consuming work to consolidate global HR data for reporting/data analysis, as the data resided in multiple places with no single source of truth 
  • Gaps in talent review process: absence of talent pools, ad hoc talent selection, undefined success planning 
  • Gaps in the career development process: no defined PDP (performance development plan) for employees and no data on reskilling or upskilling 
  • No integration with the Learning & Development system 


Hexaware Solution and Approach 

We implemented Talent Management and Oracle Recruiting Cloud to help the client capture all the necessary details in the application. The implementation was categorized into five stages—Planning, Analysis, Development, User Testing, and Migration. 

When Hexaware first approached the client, they faced challenges in Phase 1 with respect to requirement capturing, non-validation, and delivery adherence. To address these challenges, we set up a requirement workshop. 

Usually, all implementation projects start with requirement gathering. But in this case, the modules were already implemented as part of Phase 1. During the planning phase, the client highlighted some challenges that were mitigated by including the best practices incorporated during the requirement workshop. 

Workshop Highlights  

  • Finding relevant stakeholders and involving them in the discussion 
  • Sharing the product features and capabilities and accommodating their feedback 
  • Taking an incremental sign-off on a timely basis 
  • 2-week mobilization before project initiation 
  • Standardized templates to share information 

Apart from the Requirement Workshop, we conducted two rounds of CRP (Conference Room Pilots). 

  • CRP 1: The objective of the first round was to increase familiarity with the application during the Develop, Configure, and Prototype Phase with key users and obtain early feedback. Hexaware achieved this by showcasing the product twice throughout the project. Once in the middle of the project, and then again at the end of the Development Phase. In both cases, we accommodated feedback from the customer while ensuring that the project stayed on track. 
  • CRP 2: The second round, which included the Develop, Configure, and Prototype Phase, was to get buy-in from the respective stakeholders and unveil the product after regression testing was complete. The highlight of these rounds was that the customer got to see the product early, and the feedback on the configured functionality could be addressed immediately. The customer not only included the stakeholders who were providing the requirement but also invited additional stakeholders, key business users, etc., from 16 different countries (UAE, India, KSA, Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Pakistan, Lebanon, Sudan, Ethiopia, Tunisia, Nigeria, Morocco) to be a part of the workshop. 

Additional Efforts Taken 

  • To break the monotony in the CRP sessions, an engaging exercise was devised where we conducted random quiz sessions to increase participation. 
  • What set us apart in this project was that all 16 nations had country-specific requirements and processes that needed to be addressed, and our team met all their requirements.  
  • Our strong belief in teamwork led to frequent interactions for probable risks, issues, updates, etc. 
  • Near the completion of the project, Hexaware conducted training for the team, leveraging a “Train the Trainer” approach. 


The client achieved exceptional results with Hexaware’s contribution, which include: 

  • Compliance with all regulatory and internal requirements for relevant geographies 
  • Better tracking, reporting, and analysis of recruitment data 
  • Integrated employee cycle 
  • Competency-based hiring and performance management process 
  • Business process improvement by adopting global practices and standards 
  • Standardized and streamlined HR reports and dashboards in compliance with the processes 
  • Reduction of HR time for non-core activities by 30% 
  • Optimization of manpower and reduction of human error through the adoption of a system-based approach 

Words of Praise 

The hard work and dedication of the Hexaware team was appreciated by the customer. Here are a few excerpts of compliments we received: 

  • “I would like to congratulate the entire Hexaware Team on achieving the GO LIVE milestone as per the pre-agreed project timelines.”  
  • “We have worked together as a team to ensure this project’s success and delivery. There is an exhaustive two-month post-implementation and adoption journey, but I am sure with Hexaware as our partner, we will be able to achieve this milestone smoothly as well.” 
  • “A Big Thank you to the Hexaware team – for their support, guidance, and hard work in ensuring we were able to achieve the project milestones.” 


Hexaware revolutionized the HR processes for a prominent Facilities Management Services organization. Faced with manual processes, disparate HR systems, and a lack of centralized visibility, the client sought Hexaware’s expertise to implement Oracle HCM Cloud and transition to automated systems. Overcoming challenges through strategic planning, workshops, and engaging exercises, Hexaware seamlessly integrated Talent Management and Oracle Recruiting Cloud, addressing country-specific requirements. The result: compliance with regulations, improved recruitment data tracking, a 30% reduction in HR time for non-core activities, and a system-based approach for enhanced efficiency. The success of this project earned Hexaware praise for their dedication and timely delivery from the delighted client. 

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