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Innovation services for SAP

Hexaware has a dedicated SAP Innovations Lab which is tasked with staying ahead of the market through cutting edge technological solutions. Innovation is a continuous process, especially when it comes to serving unique business needs of customers. As business needs of customers keep evolving, so does our approach to support them. Hexaware Innovation Center, more like R&D division for Hexaware SAP Services, drives innovation as a service. Through Hexaware Innovation Center, we offer unique solutions relevant to your business functions. We leverage SAP Platform, Fiori, in-house solution accelerators and our partner ecosystem to develop these solutions.

Hexaware`s Innovation Center Capabilities

Innovation as a service: Idea to Archetype

Engagements at a glance

  • Delivered innovative solutions to bring agile change management and measure business outcomes using SAP Solution Manager as Service to streamline run operations for a leading water utility company in UK
  • Developing a prototype for an integrated line management solution of product T-space jointly developed with SAP Apphaus and Campusjaegr for Manufacturing major in Germany


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