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Simplify Upgrades Management with PeopleSoft

Version upgrade and PUM upgrade are one of the most critical aspects of PeopleSoft product life cycle. It brings new features, improves productivity and user experience and gives maximum ROI to customers.

Hexaware’s PeopleSoft 9.2 upgrade services are designed with its defined methodology, industry-led best practices and proven tools and accelerators to deliver on-time and on-budget experience. We ensure customers get maximum advantage from their PeopleSoft 9.2 upgrades to stay ahead of their competition. We closely work with you to strategize your PeopleSoft 9.2 upgrade roadmap and streamline processes such as Financials, Human Capital, Supply Chain, Customer Relationship Management, etc. using PeopleSoft 9.2 global upgrade capabilities.

Hexaware focuses on enabling customers to leverage the new features and functionalities of PeopleSoft 9.2 (like Fluid Interface, WorkCenters, SES, PUM, and Pivot grids) which helps customers to get better ROI. Our track record in successfully executing PeopleSoft 9.2 upgrades for many marquee industry leaders, positions us as a preferred partner of choice.

Similarly, Hexaware helps customers to remain current by performing PUM upgrades. Hexaware works with customers to identify the new features to be enabled/implemented. The PUM upgrade is executed by using remote upgrade model where the Hexaware team will perform majority of the tasks remotely and keep user involvement minimal. Apart from single PUM upgrade, Hexaware offers three years fixed cost PUM and Tools upgrade services which gives customers significant cost savings.

Three year fixed cost PeopleSoft Update Manager strategy

Hexaware has developed multiple tools and accelerators which will be leveraged during upgrade services to bring efficiency and accuracy while performing the upgrade. These accelerators increase the efficiency by 20-25% while doing retrofitting or upgrade moves. Some of the key tools are mentioned below.

  • Probe
  • Scripter
  • AE Retrofitter
  • Query Retrofitter

Tools for Upgrade

  • Probe

    Identify Customized Objects and Perform Impact Analysis

    • GUI tool that automates the study of PS customization for upgrade and ASM
    • Saves up to 30% on scoping efforts, increases estimation accuracy
    • Provides better control on object level keep/drop decisions
    • Prepares a detailed customization inventory and provides a complexity report for objects based on impact on Upgrade

  • Scripter

    Split Alter Scripts to have them run in parallel in an optimized manner

    • Minimizes the run time of Alter Scripts
    • One of the key steps in cut over window optimization (minimum of 20% reduction in cut over window)

  • AE Retrofitter

    Identifies the impacted SQLs of conversion scripts and modifies the SQLs to avoid failure

    • Prevents data conversion failure during execution and reduces related reworking efforts up to 60%
    • Reports the pre-image and post-image of fixed SQLs for reference
    • Prevents omissions in code correction

  • Query Retrofitter

    • Reduces development effort in fixing broken queries
    • Reduce the count of broken queries by removing their references to obsolete records/fields
    • Fixes up 80% of the broken queries

In addition, we also assist customers with our value added consulting and best practice recommendations, who are still deciding whether to upgrade or migrate to cloud or deploy a hybrid coexistence model through Oracle Cloud applications for running their future business.

Service Offerings

  • Pre-upgrade assessment and workshop
  • Upgrade or cloud readiness workshop
  • Functional and technical upgrade
  • Upgrade with on-going application support and maintenance


Oracle releases PUM image every quarter and ideally we recommend an update 2 times in a year to ensure we are on latest or latest -1 image version. It may vary based on customer requirement.

Contact us for an expert opinion regarding PUM update frequency.


Hexaware is providing PUM and Tools update as a part of the bundled support offering for many of its customers. This gives customer flexibility and maximum efficiency with enhanced new features.

Contact our experts to know more about this bundled offering


Oracle releases new versions of PeopleTools once in every 18 months. Hence, it is recommended that customers upgrade their PeopleTools atleast once in 2 years.

Contact our experts in order to use the latest features and also for support maintenance


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