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Best-in-class solutions for PeopleSoft applications

With our automation-led cost take out for PeopleSoft, RUN Services (application support and maintenance services, we enable customers with proactive solutions resulting in 30-40% cost savings upfront at the start with 8-12% y-o-y assured savings. Our key value differentiators are focused on:

Hexaware's Value proposition for Managed Services
Automation Use of automated defect identifying Bots which can auto-fix the defect will be deployed for high incidence defects through Hexaware’s Automation services
User Experience Digital transformation platform providing mobile-based services to all employees without any change in the existing application through implementation of COCO, a digital chatbot which can seamlessly integrate with PeopleSoft and other corporate employee facing applications
Cloud Migration Tool-based cloud migration of PeopleSoft and custom applications without any interruption to the business process and zero impact. Hexaware has proven methodology in cloud migration especially ERP applications like PeopleSoft which is the central corporate IT application
Application Modernization Hexaware’s experience in legacy modernization engagements and use of time-tested Hexaware IPs, best-of-breed tools and reference architecture significantly reduces risk of migration and delivers consistent return on investment for the Application Modernization journey

PeopleSoft support services

Tools for Support

  • Akiva

    Akiva is a data masking tool built for PeopleSoft applications. It masks sensitive information in non-production database, and inbound and outbound files which is irreversible, making it safe for wider visibility.

  • DocDuke

    “DocDuke” is a PeopleSoft database, data extraction tool. The tool will greatly reduce the manual effort spent on documentation needs of the project.

  • 4C – Fore See

    4C (Configuration Cross Compare Champ) is a simple, light weight, intuitive, data extraction and analysis tool to automate extraction of configuration data (stored on setup tables) from different instances.

  • Job Monitoring Utility

    Job monitoring utility will help in monitoring the job status of several jobs at every instant with its colorful reports with much reduced manual intervention.


    Generate various forms of PeopleSoft security Matrices and Security Audit reports.
    Generated reports can be used to audit/monitor/maintain/rectify security accesses for individual users/group of users to incorporate appropriate information security towards business functions.


Hexaware is providing support for customers globally. It has automated several of its activities and business processes which has resulted in 30-35% increase in productivity YoY.

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Hexaware provides integrated support to customers globally which comprises of L1 to L4 support and PUM and Tools upgrade. This results in significant cost savings and improved productivity.

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Hexaware can definitely help you in embarking on your cloud journey. While we support your PeopleSoft applications, our CoE experts will conduct workshops for migrating to cloud and provide a roadmap for the same. It can just be a lift-n-shift of your PeopleSoft applications to cloud or a seamless transformation to SaaS application or a combination of both.

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PeopleSoft Fluid technology available from PeopleTools Ver 8.55 enables the PeopleSoft pages especially the self-service pages render itself accessible through mobile and other devices. There are some delivered pages that can be extended to custom pages through Fluid technology.

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