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Why Migrate PeopleSoft to Cloud?

Cloud has transformed businesses with its agility, high availability, and velocity that helps with security, compliance, and performance.

Moving PeopleSoft to Cloud could bring down your total cost of ownership by an astounding 30%.

Migrating PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud migration deals with challenges such as:

  1. High cost of infrastructure maintenance and support
  2. Limited flexibility to add infrastructure on-the-go
  3. Poor response times and performance – Functionality and technical challenges due to legacy infrastructure
  4. Inability to leverage native cloud tools (such as AI/ML) for conversational interfaces


Although Oracle recommends to move to Oracle cloud as it provides related tools such as Oracle Cloud Manager, a customer can choose any public cloud such as AWS, Azure or Google cloud or any private cloud.

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It is not required; but is recommended to setup only demo and development instance initially on a cloud server in order to understand how to manage instances in the cloud. Eventually, whenever you are comfortable, you can plan for production migration.

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Yes, absolutely. Only the infrastructure or hardware changes when migrating to the cloud compared to on-prem. There will be no restrictions on the usage of the application with respect to customizations or navigations.

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PeopleSoft Cloud migration roadmap

Our Value Propositions

  • IP-driven Delivery Excellence, Proprietary Frameworks and Accelerators enabling Rapid Cloud Migrations and Implementations
  • Near Zero Downtime and Choice of Deployment – Hybrid, 100% Cloud , Multi-cloud support
  • Automated DR Scalability and SLA-Driven Metrics
  • AMAZE™ – Cloud Migration assessment

Roapmap and benefits of Peoplesoft on Cloud

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