Oracle EBS (E-Business Suite) Services
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Services

    • Innovative businesses need an integrated solution that helps in improved decision making and reduced costs.

    • Such innovative solutions should also embrace modern technologies such as cloud and mobile.

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Our Oracle E-business Suite (EBS) Capabilities

Hexaware, an Oracle Platinum partner, offers comprehensive services across Oracle EBS and Oracle Cloud suite of applications. Whether it is global Oracle implementation, legacy modernization, process innovation or digital transformation, we take a holistic approach in providing solutions that offer result driven outcomes with minimal business disruptions. Our strong Oracle professionals, provide value beyond contract through their in-depth domain expertise along with our proven methods, IPs and best practices.

Hexaware helps customers plan, prepare and execute both incremental implementations and full-fledged transformations. Our services range from Consulting (strategy and oradmap creation, architecture assessment, business process standardization and harmonization), Implementations and Rollouts, Upgrades and Platform Migration, Application Management and Support as well as Custom Development and Enhancements. We have touched upon customers of all sizes and industries with tailored Oracle solutions that meet their business objectives.

Our Edge:

  • Global Alliances with Oracle as an Oracle Platinum Partner
  • End-to-end capabilities across the lifecycle of Oracle R12, Oracle Cloud (Financial, Procurement and HCM) and Oracle Edge Applications
  • Extensive experience in designing, building and managing hybrid Oracle environments
  • Extensive experience in executing large Oracle transformation engagements (multi-country implementations, process consolidation, multi-year application support and maintenance)
  • Enable your digital journey through our extensive mobility offerings and cloud integration services
  • Deep knowledge of business processes such as Financials, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Customer Relationship Management and Human Resource Management
  • Proven track record of on time and on budget delivery
  • Faster time to market with proprietary tools and value add solutions
  • Cost savings through global delivery model
  • Strong base of Oracle consultants

Implementation and Rollouts

Global businesses are witnessing massive disruption from fluctuating international markets, rapid mergers and acquisitions, rapid business expansions and the ability to cope up with today’s digital invasion. These factors have immensely influenced organizations to look for scalable enterprise solutions for driving their corporate performance and future business growth.

Hexaware offers end-to-end Oracle EBS implementations and rollouts. We are uniquely positioned to generate more value from your Oracle EBS implementation investments, with our proven implementation experience, deep knowledge of business processes (Financials, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, Human Resource Management and Customer Relationship Management) and close collaboration for catering to your unique business requirements. In addition, we ensure smooth Oracle deployment through our testing and quality assurance (functional load and stress testing) services, all the way through to performance. Customers can also leverage our post go-live and on-going Oracle application management support for stabilising and optimizing their Oracle applications. Our, ready to deploy solution accelerators and tools to shorten implementation cycle by 30%, make Hexaware the right sized partner for Oracle EBS implementations.

Oracle EBS implementation and rollout services:

  • Pre-implementation workshop and assessment
  • Global design and implementation
  • Rollouts – global, national and local
  • Instance consolidation
  • Integration with other business systems

R12 Upgrade

Organizations need to keep pace with technology shifts in today’s digital world. Migrating to latest Oracle EBS applications not only eliminates the risk of losing Oracle support but also helps in continuous improvement of operational efficiency with newer features and functionalities.

Hexaware’s Oracle upgrade services are designed to enable customers to stay ahead with latest Oracle EBS R12 applications through a faster and easier approach. Our proven experience, time-tested methods, market leading practices and automated tools and accelerators ensure on time and on budget experience. We closely work with you to strategize your Oracle R12 upgrade roadmap and streamline processes such as Manufacturing and Supply Chain, Financials, Human Capital and Customer Relationship using Oracle R12 global upgrade capabilities.

In addition, we also assist customers with our value added consulting and best practice recommendations, who are still deciding whether to upgrade or migrate to cloud or deploy a hybrid coexistence model through Oracle Cloud applications for running their future business.

Hexaware tool based solution offers our clients a clinical approach to execute a reliable and cost-effective Oracle R12 upgrade. The Probe tool provides:

  • Complete diagnostics and impact assessment of custom objects on the source environment without having to install the target upgrade Oracle version
  • 40% saving on cost and effort on assessment and planning – assessment completed and report provided in a day
  • Saving of 95% manual effort and cost over manual assessment of failure points across custom objects
  • 30-40% effort and cost reduction as compared to traditional upgrades

Support and Maintenance

With our bimodal application support and maintenance services, we enable customers with proactive, productive measures resulting in 30-40% cost saving upfront at the start with 8-12% y-o-y assured savings. Our key value differentiators are focused on:

  • Automation tools that are intuitive, self-healing and driven by our past 15+ years of EBS experience
    • Reduce L1 and L2 issues by 15% through value add solutions like iHeal and eZCOD
    • Level 3 focused differentiators including Process Maps, Period Close Dashboard, Test Factory, HexaBPT Accelerator Kit
  • Focus on bottom up innovation through crowdsourcing

Tools and Accelerators

  • Probe and iASSESS Framework: To quickly assess unknown Oracle environments, these value add solutions are leveraged. In upgrades, it reduces efforts on inventorizing custom objects by 40% and through automatic fixes, it reduces effort on retro fit by 30%
  • HEXARM: Accelerator which automates multiple activities across the Oracle EBS lifecycle implementation and rollouts and upgrade, saves up to 30% of efforts
  • eZPRO: Having successfully leveraged this upgrade methodology based on iterative and agile principles, this can potentially enable savings in efforts to the tune of 30 to 40%
  • EBS Test Accelerator: More than 1500 predefined test cases in SCM, Financials, HCM , Logistics, Services and Procurement
  • eZCOD & iHEAL: Robotic identification of repetitive, low value issues
  • Period Close Dashboard, HexaAdminConsole, ProcessMaps: For facilitating smooth operations of day in the life of user

Cloud Integrations

Hexaware enables modernization of your application integration requirements addressing divergent needs of lines of business and IT.

In today’s digitally connected world, customers have chosen to deploy best of breed hybrid solutions with few on cloud, few on mobile, others on-premise and rest leveraging IOT devices. In order to have seamless access across all these platforms, you need to ensure comprehensive data synchronization.

Hexaware can facilitate a smarter digital ecosystem through a host of integration services. Our focus on connected solutions ensures your process flows are seamlessly done with actionable data available at any point in time. We could help you by modernizing your integrations through:

  • iPaas to integrate SaaS / Cloud Apps combining Integration cloud service and SOA cloud service
  • API Management through API Platform cloud service

Benefits include:

  • Seamless integration between on-prem EBS and Oracle Cloud or between Oracle Cloud and other business systems like SFDC
  • Process improvements and increased business agility

Hexaware Edge

  • Domain know-how: Deep domain and functional and technical knowledge across Oracle EBS modules including Manufacturing and Supply Chain, Financials and Human Capital Management
  • Accelerated implementation methodology: Our HEXARM implementation methodology automates and manages various aspects of Oracle EBS Lifecycle. It is fully compliant with Oracle integrity requirements and can provide savings of up to 30% on your EBS related activities.
  • Global Template Approach: With our global template approach, we ensure seamless global rollouts and implementations
  • Multi-country experience: We have implementation experience across 80+ countries (includes localizations, multi-currency etc.)
  • Test Factory approach: Reduce 30– 40% costs with 1500+ Oracle pre-built test scripts
  • Faster time to market: Proven innovative tools, accelerators and solutions frameworks help in shortening the implementation timeline
  • Global delivery advantage: Offers flexibility and cost savings of 30% or more
  • Hybrid experience: Vast experience in designing, deploying and managing hybrid models (coexistence – on cloud and on-premise)

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