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Incubating cutting-edge solutions to stay ahead of the curve


Hexaware focusses on incubation of Next Gen Services and offerings by identifying and building technology capabilities to step up innovation and create value for its clients.

Creation of a new offering in our environment is both a systematic and a sophisticated process. While the procedure and personnel required for every new offering is unique, what matters more is that the efforts, time, collaboration with partners and clients, creation of a point of view and rolling it into mainstream adoption needs vision, execution, and patience. Towards achieving this end, we have created what we term as our “Escape Velocity” incubation methodology paradigm.

Why “Escape Velocity”?

Our belief is that any offering that is mature enough for the customer’s consumption should have undergone a series of stages before it is “customer ready”.

The Escape velocity concept states that an object must reach a critical speed to escape the gravitational forces of the earth, else is unable to sustain momentum and falls back into the earth’s ecosystem.

Similarly, if the offering is not able to scale up and overcome various criteria, it typically does not have the momentum and maturity to be consumable for the end customer. The Escape Velocity paradigm for incubation has four phases namely Ignition, Runway, Take-off, and Cruise.

During Ignition phase, we spot disruptive trends, conduct detailed market research, due diligence, and drill down to the target service offerings for the identified solution.

During Runaway phase, we set up an initial SEED Team, develop a Center of Excellence (COE), forge appropriate partnerships, create minimal viability product and prototypes for the solution, execute a go-to-market plan for reaching out to prospects and target first set of tactical deals.

During Take-off phase, we conduct a feasibility check on the offering with respect to ROI and create the first set of concrete solutions and offerings that can be taken to the market and then focus on refining our GTM Strategy.

During Cruise phase, we hire new change agents at both practice and leadership level, create processes for scaling up the offering and carry out a maturity check to see if the offering will be able to stand alone as a separate BU.

A notable number of offerings which we offer to our customers have gone through and are currently going through the ‘Escape Velocity’ incubation methodology, some of which include various Next Gen Cloud products, BPM and Low Code Solutions, etc.


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