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Remote Working Solutions – Home is the New Office

Today the world is shifting to newer and innovative ways to facilitate business continuity in the wake of any disruptions. These situations create a need to reassess and formulate strategies that could avoid interruption to business operations. Moreover, employees today want organizations to reconsider policies that ensure maximum employee advocacy and satisfaction.

Thus, decision-makers face this pressure of addressing and managing customer afflictions in a better manner. With enterprises facing inconsistency across operations/delivery, there is a substantial impact on customer experience and significant strain on the financial performance as well. Staffing, regulatory compliance and employee engagement are amongst other key areas that need attention on an immediate basis.
Hexaware’s Office@Home Solution aims at supporting our clients in addressing these challenges surfacing due to disturbance in normal operations. Our offering enables clients to rapidly scale up or down their customer service capacity through in-office and WFH agents. We facilitate our clients with rapid deployment of multi-communication channels backed with automation across critical elements of the lifecycle to enhance productivity and efficiency. The key characteristics of our remote work solution are:
  • A tested and proven model (Live with 3000 FTEs)
  • Ready availability of resources
  • Remote transition supported by TRANSX (a transition methodology framework at Hexaware)
  • Promise of maintaining industry benchmarks of productivity SLAs/KPIs
  • Strong employee engagement practices
  • Off the shelf contact center technology like Azure, AWS, Altitude, Telerion


Our Differentiators

Hexaware’s capabilities in the customer experience domain are backed by expertise across several elements of competency, technology, workforce management and governance:

Our Delivery Model

  • Hexaware’s Virtual Contact Center Model is the core of our new solution that integrates critical components of the delivery lifecycle.

    1. Virtual Recruitment – We adopt a talent hiring practice with activities like sourcing, interviews, documentation and onboarding facilitated through online tools
    2. Virtual Training – A virtual classroom environment is setup with online modules, assessments, certifications and graduation models equipped with real-time coordination tools for query resolution
    3. Workforce Management – Hexaware’s remote workforce management tool is an advanced automation-led employee monitoring solution tracking productivity, schedule adherence, attendance compliance and security
    4. Quality Control – A virtual QA structure enables the workforce with role-based quality control, online quality evaluation modes and a robust feedback mechanism using online tools

  • Ensuring business continuity with minimal disruption to business operations stresses on the criticality of targets, timelines and expectations across a virtual delivery model. The TRANSX Touchless Transition methodology facilitates tasks like remote project scoping, virtual knowledge transfer, remote governance and remote screening using various technology enablers for a streamlined transition.

  • Hexaware’s risk and control management model can be branched out across three key components:

    1. People Based Controls – A custom non-disclosure agreement is setup for WFH agents and training modules are created for policies.
    2. Process Based Controls – A sensitive data masking methodology is instituted for safeguarding critical business information. Audit trails and access tracking procedures aid in managing compliance across different processes.
    3. Technology Based Controls –  Certain practices like multi-factor authentication, remote security monitoring, data loss prevention and security incident reporting ensure that the client data is well protected when processed in a work-at-home scenario.

  • With employees not bound to the office environment, it is crucial to keep the employees engaged and motivated for ensuring appropriate productivity in the new setting. Engagement activities at Hexaware include appreciation mailers, employee connect sessions, virtual contests like photography, quizzes, etc.

Our Success Stories



Hexaware faced a major challenge during the current Covid-19 scenario, as maintaining delivery standards were critical despite of the interruption. However, Hexaware reacted early by proactively initiating a business continuity exercise to support the crisis. Operations resumed shortly after hitting a snag in chaos of the enforcement of quarantine mandate. Workplaces were shifted to the homes of the employees with facilitation of better internet connectivity for their systems. The initiation of the Work from Home model of delivery brought in a robust structure for allocation of tasks, monitoring and control for the agents. Hexaware handled 100% of the volume even after experiencing a shift to a different execution approach. Critical activities like compliance, audit and feedback were extensively monitored and regulated to ensure security standards were met. To help adapt and motivate employees to this new way of work, Hexaware introduced newer engagement programs to keep them motivated and promote togetherness while practicing social distancing.


The Covid-19 pandemic posed a critical challenge in terms of management of entire E-commerce operations for organizations. The significance of stabilizing the contact center operations for handling queries during extended periods of lockdown pressed on the need for a competent delivery model for E-commerce companies. Hexaware was resolute in ensuring minimal/no business disruption to client operations. We transitioned to an entirely Work from Home model in a matter of day and a half. To handle orders, product availability, returns management during such unforeseen circumstances required a robust customer support structure for handling concerns. Hexaware’s delivery capabilities were concrete and helped clients to handle their business better during the pandemic.


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