EUC Webinar : How to Remediate EUCs at Scale?

If you are a banker or financial services professional, you know that end-user computing (EUC) is essential for your operations. EUCs allow you to respond quickly and effectively to changing business needs. However, they are also incredibly vulnerable to errors and expose your company to various operational and regulatory risks. 

In this scenario, how can enterprises opt for systematic and efficient EUC remediation at scale while remaining nimble and agile? 

Watch our webinar with industry experts to learn how banks and financial institutions like yours can migrate their EUCs to a more stable enterprise-grade platform. 

Jointly presented by Hexaware and Xceptor, the webinar provides insights into migrating EUCs without disrupting operations. 

In the context of EUC remediation, Hexaware’s Tensai® framework identifies, evaluates, and prioritizes EUCs in a structured manner. Xceptor’s data transformation and process automation platform eradicates the problem at source by removing and automating EUCs. 

Watch the webinar and remediate your EUCs now!