Enhancing User-generated Content Safety: A Video Moderation Services Success Story  Enhancing User-generated Content Safety: A Video Moderation Services Success Story 

Enhancing User-generated Content Safety: A Video Moderation Services Success Story 

How Hexaware's AI-driven solution transformed video moderation for a hi-tech leader


The client, a leader in the hi-tech sector, forayed into the short video app space. The app platform offered hosting services for multi-lingual content aimed at helping millennial and GenZ users express themselves within their community. 


The pandemic significantly altered how people consume media. As a result, the creator economy emerged, where individuals become influencers by expressing themselves through short videos that resonate with like-minded audiences. Creators now have the power to influence their followers’ behaviors, opening a fresh channel for marketers to connect with potential consumers. 

The problem faced by the client: 

  • Over the period of a few quarters, the platform experienced a remarkable surge in activity. Its popularity soared, resulting in a significant increase in new content uploads to over 800,000 short videos per day, which the client found difficult to manage. 
  • The rapid increase in content volumes was accompanied by an increase in unsafe content, which on some days reached up to 30% of the overall volume of content uploaded. 

What the client needed: 

  • The client was looking for a partner to help them organize the content on the platform by genre and tag it based on the features.  
  • Changes in regulations driven by global governments meant the platform was responsible for proactively moderating and reporting illegal content and actors within the ecosystem. The client was looking for a partner who would moderate the content on the platform, ensuring that it is safe for consumption. 


Delivering the best blend of human + technology operations 

Hexaware developed a Trust and Safety Operations Center (TSOC) using an AI-driven  approach towards complete automation. By leveraging computer vision technology and a team of human moderators, all content created or uploaded by end users was carefully labelled, tagged and moderated. 

Key highlights of Hexaware’s solution: 

  • We implemented a universal content workflow, where the same employee handled labeling, tagging, and moderation of content. 
  • We prioritized employee experience as a core value, ensuring that employees remained happy and dedicated and hence, more effective at identifying and blocking unsafe content on the platform. 
  • We utilized a customized suite of recruitment assessments to identify the suitable candidates early in the hiring cycle. 
  • We encouraged the use of interactive playbooks and training models that adapt to changes in cultural and customer preferences for content approval and blocking. 
  • We achieved seamless transition and rapid ramp-up in India’s cosmopolitan city of Coimbatore, enabling us to build and scale the team faster than expected. 

Our automation methodology, combined with the client’s AI engine, allowed us to maximize straight-through processing. We also designed an API-enabled framework, allowing seamless integration of the right content and multiple services with platform, making it future-ready. 


Hexaware’s Trust and Safety Operations Center (TSOC) played a pivotal role in significantly scaling up the volume of moderated content for the client.  

The major benefits achieved through this endeavor include: 

  • 12% upfront improvement in productivity 
  • 99% accuracy with enhanced controls for critical quality parameters 
  • 24 hour TAT on audit of requests from law enforcement authorities 
  • 20% improvement in TAT for the priority desk due to improved auto-moderation 

Other benefits: 

  • Improved employee experience, measured through employee satisfaction surveys 
  • Improvement in training data via the introduction of labeling workflows 
  • Improved straight-through percentage with the introduction of enhanced Hexaware AI capabilities 


Our client, a leader in the hi-tech sector, ventured into the short video app space, offering hosting services for multi-lingual content. With the rise of the creator economy due to the pandemic, the platform experienced a significant surge in activity, leading to over 800,000 short video uploads daily. This brought forth challenges, including managing unsafe content, which sometimes accounted for up to 30% of the overall volume. The client required assistance in organizing and tagging content based on genres and features while adhering to global regulations that demanded proactive video moderation services and reporting of illegal content and actors. 

Hexaware designed and deployed a Trust and Safety Operations Center (TSOC) to address these challenges using an AI-driven automation approach. The TSOC combined computer vision technology and human moderators for user-generated content moderation, labeling, and tagging. Ultimately, Hexaware’s TSOC resulted in significant benefits for the client, including improved productivity, enhanced accuracy, better employee experience, and a higher straight-through percentage, positively impacting the platform’s performance and safety. 

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