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Pioneers in Language Translation that Best-Fit your Content Strategy

Customers often prefer content that’s presented in their native language with a localized flavor. We pioneer in language translation that can best-fit your content strategy.

We can help you with a global outreach with our specialized document and language translation services with professional translators and linguists. Our end-to-end translation services comprise of Human to Machine Translation, PE-MT, language interpretation, multi-lingual DTP & Multi-Media localization, and Linguistic testing services supporting all major languages.

Our resource pool includes certified translators for all languages, with the right experience, and relevant domain expertise. We match the right translator to your content every time.

As an example, if your clinical research documents are needed to be translated into Japanese, we’ll use a professional native in-country Japanese linguist who specializes in medical translations. So depending on your field and content type, we’ll use translators with relevant expertise and experience.

We offer translation services for a full range of file types in order to provide you with delivery-ready formats – whether online, software, mobile app, in print, eLearning courses, multimedia localization involving subtitling & voice. Our clients include leading organizations from banking and finance, legal, insurance, publishing, energy, automotive, IT, and marketing.

High level industry challenges

  • Extremely long supply chains – Multiple Partners involved, Lack of Transparency (clients are located too far from translators that leads to communication problems)
  • Lack of transparency by MLVs/ SLVs with respect to the resources assigned on projects i.e. skills set, experiences, pricing, and automation.
  • Marketing tricks and overstated claims about machine translation by many clients and vendors
  • Technology challenges in the field of Machine Translation
  • Many potential clients think that MT can substitute human translators and rely solely upon machines; lack of research / investment from client when it comes to Machine Translation Strategy
  • Cheap amateur linguists pretend to be experienced translators
  • Rare and upcoming languages, new opportunities, new markets
  • Low-profile agencies who dump the prices offering low-quality translation


Hexaware Human Translation: You can use our hassle-free and high-quality human translation services for business critical content, such as medical-legal-technical documents, website, marketing material, softwares and mobile apps, to name a few, so as to promote your products and services in new markets. You can benefit from our high quality-fast turnaround – cost effective translations service, along with our Collaborative Human Translation Delivery Model.

Hexaware Machine Translation: You can use our machine translation solution to translate your big data. To manage the 4 Vs of big data (volume, velocity, variety and value) we provide technical and linguistic expertise to help you integrate with the best MT systems using neural networks like Google, Microsoft and Yandex which now use NMT. We also help you connect your CMS using a range of APIs with the available Neural Machine Translation engines.

Hexaware PE-MT Translation: Our hassle-free and high-quality professional post edit machine translation solution meets your fast track requirements, offering considerable savings on overall translation cost. A strategy which can successfully translate and deliver high volume content in today’s digital era. We offer the right solution to translate social media content, blogs, emails, chat and customer feedback. You gain from fast and low-cost on-demand translations, and our Collaborative PE-MT Translation Offshoring Delivery Model.

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