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Transactional / Operational procurement calls for effective execution of the practices & policies set out by the strategic procurement team in order to achieve objectives as set out for the program. Tactical buying, P-card administration, catalogue management, Procurement Service Desk and downstream procurement are all piece meal activities that complete the full spectrum of transactional / operational procurement. While the above have been prime candidates of outsourcing for long, often providers have missed on aligning this full gamut of activities to align with larger procurement objectives. Also, with growing pace of digitalization, many of the above activities can be enabled through automation and an optimal human-bot combo. Hexaware structures its transactional / operational procurement delivery to completely align with overarching strategic procurement goals and measures and benchmarks its operational procurement performances basis overall procurement program metrics and yardsticks. Also, with its unique combination of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Automation viz. AI, ML, Computer Vision and Chatbots, Hexaware delivers an ultimate operational procurement automation experience that any Procurement Organization / CPO cherishes today.

We also believe that every organization is different, and that one size does not fit all.  One of our key strengths is the attention we pay to our clients’ uniqueness. Our solution will be not only be aligned with your objectives and culture, but it would also be dynamic, responsive, creative, and flexible at all times.  We will augment your ideas with our expertise and experience to lead you through a successful transition and on to a business as usual state where we are truly an extension of your enterprise.  Our solution is inherently collaborative, and we will work with your team to ensure that you are comfortable and confident in the people, processes and technology involved in your procurement engagement.

Below is portfolio of services we offer across the transactional procurement value chain:

Aligned with our philosophy of “Automate Everything”, we enable optimal automation across procurement operations including a full gamut of use cases – a few of them being automation enabled item / catalogue setup, PR triage & assignment and chatbot enabled procurement helpdesk.

With a combination of man and machine we can deliver measurable performance augmentation to our customers viz. TCO / spend reduction, vendor / employee experience, discount realization, order cycle time improvement, maverick spend reduction and Procurement Operating Expense as a percent of total expense etc.

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