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It is an established fact that Supplier management is no longer a transactional task but a strategic one. Supplier relationship management starts even before the deal is signed by identifying the common goals and potential synergies. The relationship is expected to continue as long as the relationship grows to leverage benefits of joint product & service innovation, potential horizontal integration, cost efficiency programs, venturing new markets and many more. Hexaware, while embraces best practices of supplier management, leverages technology advancement & next gen solutions to improve supplier experience and enable ease of business.

Hexaware offers a full array of services including Supplier Strategy formulation, Supplier Onboarding, Supplier Education, Risk Management, Helpdesk, Supply fulfilment & Vendor Invoice management services.

Having managed spend up to $10 Bn and multiple categories, Hexaware is exposed to diversified classes of suppliers across local, national and global level to help formulate supplier strategies suited to geos, categories and clients’ strategic priorities. Through extensive spend and vendor performance analytics, we identify suppliers of strategic importance and work out prioritization pans for supplier groups.

We leverage home grown technology and automation solutions viz. supplier portal, vendor set up & maintenance bot and chat bots, to name a few, for enabling a seam supplier management, dispute resolution and collaborative programs.

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