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With burgeoning complexities of business models, pricing strategies & relationship models, Contract management is turning equally complex. The hard work of procurement in bringing the deal is half done if the same is not documented suitably. It is also here where the rubber hits the road, as proper documentation will ensure suppliers and procurement teams are accountable for the deals they have done. Given growing complexities, a focussed contract management function is need of the hour for any procurement function. Also, equally important is keeping pace with ever changing face of automation & technological advancement across contract management. Hexaware provides its clients with Contract drafting, negotiations, contract data abstraction, auditing & compliance and Automation solutions.

Through our benchmarked best practices model, we ensure contract performance by setting up KPIs, review and evaluate terms that reduces total cost of ownership, along with a mechanism to track full audit trail on contract compliance. We gauge issues and risks and bring them in the contract.

Our contracts set up intelligent automation solution ensures automatic abstraction of contract data from multi format documents and automatically set-up multiple fields on the contracts system. Unique amalgamation of our experience managing multi format contracts across categories and automation solutions ensures a contract that is holistic, accurate and risk free delivered with high diligence and truncated manual efforts.

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