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Your road to Smarter Sourcing and Procurement

The Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) today is keen to embrace smarter technologies, skilled talent, analytics, best practices and wisdom of experienced thought leaders to achieve above par category savings, increased STP levels, near zero errors and augmented enterprise value. Hexaware has the right blend of experience and curiosity of a child to deliver strategic sourcing solutions that matter to the CPO today. Our solutions are driven by our thought leaders who bring 20+ years of experience across strategic procurement & category management & an ever-challenging coterie of young professionals who challenge the status quo and blend in RPA, Machine learning, Computer Vision & Analytics across the procurement value chain. The combined force deliver customer value through procurement and strategic sourcing that are visionary, futuristic, path breaking and help acheive winning outcomes for all stakeholders involved.

Hexaware has 15+ years Procurement BPS expertise delivering services to global clients across the value chain of Source to Pay services. Having a robust framework, we deliver full spectrum of Strategic Sourcing, Category management, Contract management, Transactional procurement & Supplier management services. Our sourcing and category management experts have the capability to spawn across the globe and manage different spend categories. We have successfully executed more than 3,000 sourcing initiatives, addressing over 9.5 Billion USD in spend and realizing over 2 Billion USD in savings. Our support towards the creation and enforcement of purchasing policies, dedication to process optimization through lean/six sigma & gen next automation, strategy definition (short/medium/long term) and focus on corporate-level business needs are elements that shape a highly effective partnership with our clients.

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