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Digitally Transforming Healthcare Lifecycle

The healthcare industry faces multiple challenges across all fronts, be it service delivery, business models, regulations, cost pressures and emerging competition from non-traditional players. Traditional players must change, and change fast. This underscores the need to bring in capable partners, while keeping the customer experience at the heart of all operations.

Hexaware’s business process services help in reducing administrative costs, meeting regulatory compliances and enhancing patient experience. Using Hexaware’s experience in Healthcare services and leveraging cutting edge digital transformation and automation extensively, we help to drive business process efficiency.

Hexaware’s experience with healthcare services and cutting edge digital transformation stands us in good stead to assist our clients. We have leveraged automation extensively through our healthcare clients whether it be claims adjudication or revenue cycle management. With our extensive domain talent and our 13+ years of experience working with Payers and Providers, we are in an excellent position to drive future proof digital operations while helping our clients elevate customer experience and maintain cost competitiveness


  • Stakeholder management of multiple parties in the ecosystem, while ensuring customer experience is paramount
  • Leveraging digital in areas such as big data, analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, mobile and population health management platforms
  • Regulations and reforms, intense competition with new entrants and mergers and acquisitions have become a perennial challenge for healthcare providers.


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