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Business Transitions - Cornerstone for World Class Service Delivery

Organizations worldwide are opting for disruptive business process transitions in their operations to enhance customer experience, streamline operations and gain competitive advantage in a rapidly changing global environment. As with many transformation initiatives, delivering competitive advantage through disruptive transition outsourcing solutions is an intricate journey, since it involves migration of services to a new partner.

A combination of functional expertise and bespoke solutions is required to cater to the new age transition prospects.

Hexaware utilizes its in-house robust Transition methodology called TransX,which focuses on:

  • Client Objectives
  • Minimal Disruption to As-Is Business
  • End Customer Experience
  • Early GO-Green
  • Effective Risk Management

to help clients incorporate seamless process transition outsourcing.

TransX provides a structured approach for Business Process Transitions, while offering flexibility to ensure client-specific requirements are incorporated and business objectives are met. It is enabled by a unique combination of customized touchless transition methodology, technology levers, domain expertise and project management fundamentals.

TransX Video

How do you plan for a seamless transition approach?

With over 500+ successful transitions across multiple industry verticals and business environments, TransX has been successfully leveraged in transition management for multiple clients across the globe

Key Enablers that Drive Transitions at Hexaware are:

TransX Enablers

  • Expertise Led

    Salient Points:

    • Consultative and Design Thinking transition approach
    • Focus on functional and domain expertise

    Hexaware provides expertise led BPS transitions with a focus on seamless migration and no impact to end customer experience. These are enabled by:

    • A team of transition experts with 100+ years of transition management experience between them
    • Alignment of domain experts with industry experience as part of project seed team to evaluate and design “To-Be” state processes
    • Teams are aligned with relevant domain, geographical and cultural experience
    • Transition and Transformation integration: Incubation of process excellence and automation professionals in transition phase, to reduce process transformation cycle time in steady state

  • Outcome Based

    Salient Points:

    • Focus on process outcomes and business impact
    • Well defined acceptance criterion for Transition success
    • Rigorous risk management and multi-level governance to enable timely delivery

    TransX emphasizes on delivering seamless process outsourcing transitions with a key focus on early “Go-Green”. These are enabled by:

    • Toll Gate based approach
    • Continuous evaluation of deliverables, Planned Vs Actuals
    • Multi-tiered governance with robust cadence
    • Comprehensive risk management framework with continuous reporting and monitoring
    • Quantified acceptance criteria for measuring Transition Success

  • Technology Enabled

    Salient Points:

    • Leveraging technology solutions to enable transition deliverables
    • Usage of transformative tools to improve delivery timelines and quality

    Hexaware leverages technology solutions to reduce the delivery timelines and improve quality of deliverables throughout the transition lifecycle. Key tools used as a part of transition approach include:

    • Process modelling tools for process mapping and analysis to identify transformation opportunities
    • Process documentation tools, advanced collaboration tools for knowledge transfer, to enhance the quality of documentation and reduce the time required
    • Reporting Bots to streamline operational reporting processes
    • Quality monitoring tools and Learning Management platforms for operations management

  • Touchless

    Salient Points:

    • Remote transitions enabled by tools and technology
    • Customized transition approach focused on “Hi-touch” activities

    Hexaware’s Touchless Transition approach enables a well-orchestrated transition remotely for our clients, led by:

    • Agile planning and governance
    • Right resource mix and technology levers
    • Dynamic technology and Infrastructure solutions
    • Robust security and compliance measures

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