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Customer Experience Transformation

Fast-Tracking Business Growth through Delightful Customer Journeys

Everyone knows that delivering a great customer experience, consistently, can be a powerful differentiator. Yet, there are few companies across industries that can do so. It is our mission to help our clients adopt customer intimacy, transform their end customers’ experience and to deliver it consistently to make it their competitive advantage.

Three Pillars of our Purpose, Capability and Vision

Experience First Approach

Our Experience First approach is an amalgamation of experience design strategies, consulting services, IT and product strategy, creativity, and digital benchmarking. Experiences need to be designed for an “always on omnichannel experience”, be it for brand experiences through marketing platforms or shoppable experiences such as booking an air ticket or buying a pair of shoes online. Whatever the experience, it starts with understanding the consumer and the relationship the brands should create with them. Our fundamentals for designing any experience also includes the need to put together an underlying robust system to deliver it. The system, coupled with data, defines how experiences get delivered, managed and enhanced.

Engineering Transformation

With rapidly changing consumer expectations, businesses today are being disrupted at a pace not seen before. To deliver against these expectations, an enterprise needs to transform itself in several areas - how they market their products or services, the speed with which their internal systems and services can adapt and change, how well they are setup for gaining insights to service their customers better, etc. No single product can address all needs of an enterprise, and every enterprise has unique, ever-evolving needs. So, organizations need to think of their own unique services and products fulfilled through a combination of best-of-breed commercial off-the-shelf products, custom developments and enterprise integration services.

Continuous Experience Delivery

To keep pace with a constantly evolving and changing future, it is imperative for companies to continuously engage, optimize and manage. Companies must keep evolving their marketing activities through content, campaigns, social media, microsite or blogs, and data-driven personalization, with a goal to not just communicate and service, but also leverage these activities to generate insights which help the organizations continually transform to meet clients’ expectations. Our mantra for this is ‘Always-on Digital Innovation’, thus ensuring continuous innovation for our clients through our continuous experience framework and capability.

Our Solution Capabilities

Interactive Service Offering

Design Thinking framework/archetype and approach through the lens of the customer with a forward-looking business vision and strategy.

  • Experience First Strategy
  • Digital Capabilities Benchmarking
  • Digital Products & Services Design
  • Shoppable Experience
  • Personalize Everything (Personalization)
  • Digital Ergonomics (Accessibility, Voice Enablement, Visual Cues etc)
  • Digital Banking and Financial Services
  • Web or Mobile Experience Design and Front-End Development
  • IT Strategy & Consulting
  • Enterprise Data Strategy/Governance/Consulting

Transform End Customers experience by leveraging Platforms and Technologies across business functions, applications and infrastructure.

  • Digital Marketing and Commerce Platforms
  • Cognitive Engineering - Data Platforms and Analytics
  • Augmenting Experience Through AR/VR
  • Custom Development and Systems Integration
  • IT Modernization & Enterprise Architecture
  • Cloud Technology Migration & Managed Support
  • AI/ML Driven Personalization
  • Continuous Integration and Delivery
  • IT Infrastructure Transformation

Enhance and Scale digital experience efficiently, minimize time to market and improve operational efficiencies for engaging experience, there by enabling Customer Intimacy and advocacy.

  • Commerce Optimization & Management
  • Content and Creative Production
  • Microsite, Martech Campaigns and Social
  • Email Campaigns Through CRM
  • Marketing Analytics and Measurement Services
  • Data & Analytics Driven Personalization
  • Machine Learning Driven Optimization
  • Always-on Digital Innovation

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