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Consolidating to Microsoft 365 for Increased Collaboration Productivity and Efficiency

In a world where technology is constantly changing, many organizations struggle to keep up with the latest advances. To maintain a competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving landscape, companies must adopt new technologies that allow them to be more agile and collaborative. This paradigm shift has changed the nature of business ecosystems by focusing prominently on tools that can enhance collaboration, productivity, and efficiency, along with cloud services that fuel innovation and readily integrate. Legacy tools inherited for present use can lack modern-day features or are standalone, thus lacking integration capabilities that, in turn, reduce efficiency.

Re-organizing your collaboration strategy through consolidation can help you address the challenges of legacy systems and licensing costs while providing a single source for all your company’s needs. The new normal calls for a future-proof strategy that will help create better digital experiences, connected operations, and products. Read on to learn how rightsizing your Microsoft 365 consolidation strategy can help you define new techniques to meet the changing needs and drive impressive gains.

Why Do You Need Consolidated Apps?

Enterprises are exploring new ways to rebuild their operational capabilities based on a future-fit technology that can meet demands with more resilience and support a hybrid workforce model. Various collaboration and productivity tools are being used to connect employees, clients, and customers, but each of these adds to the additional cost burden of subscription and maintenance. Enterprises end up incurring extra costs on management, security, organizing, DMS systems, and storage needs. Also, using the plethora of apps leads to confusion over how they should be used in a corporate environment and lead to siloed data. Difficulties in tracking individual apps, their results, performance, maintenance, and other servicing aspects increase to multiple workloads and a fragmented app experience for the user. With each app having its own governance and compliance controls, which may be different, or have a varying degree of meeting the same compliance standards, it gets challenging to offer an integrated experience while meeting organizational compliance goals.

Consolidating all the apps in a common platform that can manage all your needs in a single solution with ease of integration and seamless experience would save so much more in terms of time, effort, resources, and costs. Knowing how important it is to drive maximum value by rightsizing the environment with ideal utilization of the out-of-box capabilities, we recommend a modern collaboration of tools to optimize spending and maximize usage to the full potential. Maximizing the use of the Microsoft 365 product suite improves user experience via advanced collaboration capabilities and helps maximize the investments made in the Microsoft 365 cloud. And all this is without any extra costs for the added functionalities.

Consolidating to Microsoft 365 helps organizations benefit from Microsoft Viva – an employee experience and engagement platform based on Microsoft 365 and Teams, which helps people and teams do their best work using the apps and experiences they rely on every day to connect, collaborate, and get work done from anywhere.

Replace White Elephants with Efficient Next-Gen Tools

It is an accepted fact that legacy systems are a major hurdle in business growth. It has also been observed that planning and operations modules are swamped by a multitude of legacy software that might not support emerging technologies and be lacking in capabilities. It is now essential to modernize applications and leverage the power of the latest technologies with proven core values in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner. With a smart strategy to reduce the legacy platform spread, the modernization of apps helps increase the efficiency of processes. Switching to higher productivity alternatives can enable a flexible workforce with no downtime as a result of better organization with easier collaboration. Integrating your legacy systems with the right accelerators and frameworks like Hexaware’s custom ones helps improve ease of working and provides you with a high uptime digital platform. It also helps increase the value of your services and consolidates vendor spending to offer reduced costs to the customer.

Business Value of Having Consolidated Microsoft 365 Suite

These days, keeping up with experience expectations, digital flexibility, and collaborative working while streamlining business operations is a big challenge. Achieve more with cost reduction and high collaboration out of your Microsoft 365 suite. Benefits that drive consolidation to Microsoft 365 are:

These advantages streamline processes to deliver a seamless productivity space, leveraging unified collaboration to drive accelerated business decisions without impacting work or efficiency.

How to Expedite Your Consolidation Journey?

Microsoft has significantly improved its home-grown features in recent years. It has made the consolidated Microsoft 365 suite fit best for enterprises who wish to benefit from the built-in features of Microsoft to stay connected on the same level and collaborate seamlessly to work in new and flexible ways.

Hexaware has a dedicated team of experts having years of experience in Microsoft 365 consolidation and provides quality & consistent service with defined SLAs. Our consolidation framework can offer one simple, easy-to-use platform to help you leverage future-ready technologies better, expand the workplace more effectively, and scale out collaboration capabilities. Connect with our specialists to know how we can address your challenges and use our strategy to deliver a consolidated Microsoft 365 platform, and help your employees thrive with Microsoft Viva.

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