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In this age of rising customer expectations, all the B2B and B2C organizations around the world are being pushed to deliver ever-improving customer experience. With the digital transformation in contact center, enterprises can quickly and seamlessly connect with their customers. However, the complex suite of applications that make up the legacy on-premise contact centers slows down the resolution time and increases the customer dissatisfaction. This in turn, increases the customer churn rate and hampers company’s potential revenues.

There are a host of problems that currently plague the smooth functioning of digital contact centers, the key ones being for e.g. huge technology costs associated with managing legacy cloud and on-premise systems, higher call volumes, high call resolution time, higher downtime of legacy systems, lack of AI presence to understand customer sentiments and call trends, an expensive and difficult integration with other systems among others. This necessitates to opt for contact center modernization or call center digital transformation to provide a seamless, touchless and immersive customer experience.

Hexaware has partnered with AWS Connect to provide value to all those customers who are currently leveraging on-premise digital contact centers and struggling with excess costs; frequent outages; obstructions to updates, scales and enhancements; and limited capabilities. Hexaware’s expert professionals; well-defined approach and framework; and in-house tools and accelerators ensure a faster, better and cost-effective migration to Amazon Connect Cloud.

Amazon connect as a cloud contact center solution allows consumption based, pay-as-you-go pricing that can be easily accessed by any agent sitting anywhere in the world. There are indicative quantified benefits that can be achieved while leveraging Hexaware’s contact center services on top of Amazon Connect as provided below in the picture: –

Hexaware’s Cloud Migration Benefits for AWS Connect

  • Faster deployment of enterprise omni-channel platform
  • Easier extraction of previous data and merger with Amazon connect.
  • Configurable solution to cater to changing business needs
  • Post migration support and optimization at affordable prices


Benefits derived through Automation and Process Transformation

  • Higher customer retention with improved customer experience & personalized service
  • Cross-selling recommendations based on holistic customer profile analysis
  • Reduced TCO costs & improved ROI using Hexaware’s productivity tools
  • IVR Optimization, Automation through Chatbots and RPA to increase the % of self-service calls
  • Leverage task automation & cross channel context to improve agent productivity by 30%


Cost Reduction through Offshoring Contact Center Operations

  • Benefit from lower operating costs with assured service quality and customer satisfaction
  • Leverage shared services model and continuous improvement to optimize cost to serve
  • Complete flexibility to handle overflow call volume and scalable staffing solution to ensure optimized cost and low call wait times.
  • Guaranteed business continuity with SLA and uptime commitments to ensuring no business disruptions

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