Comprehensive Migration to AWS Redshift   Comprehensive Migration to AWS Redshift  

Comprehensive Migration to AWS Redshift  

Data Architecture Modernization with Multi-Cloud Strategy for Leading Manufacturing Company


Our client is a leading force in the information management and digital services industry. The Japanese multinational imaging and electronics company boasts a remarkable $18 billion in revenue and a workforce of over 90000+ employees. Renowned for their advanced digital copiers, peripherals, and customized products, they are at the forefront of innovation, shaping the future on a global scale. 

$18 billion in revenue 


Business Challenge  

In the landscape of global operations and an extensive network of customers, vendors, and partners, our client faced a challenge with scalability, time-to-market for products, and avalanching complexity from a highly complicated Data warehouse (DW) ecosystem.  

Over the years, their vastly expanding operations resulted in a suboptimal Data Warehouse (DW) ecosystem. The inability to respond promptly to market forces became an unavoidable consequence, highlighting the pressing need for a streamlined and agile solution to navigate the intricacies of their expansive business network.  

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The client faced challenges stemming from heavy customization that led to limited scalability for expanding its ecosystem with enhancements.  

Challenges leading to AWS Cloud Adoption 

From performance bottlenecks to delayed product launches, the hurdles without a cloud solution posed significant challenges. Collectively impacting the client’s data management and decision-making processes, the challenges were: 

Sluggish Reporting Performance 

The highly complex data warehouse structure contributed to a lagging reporting system, impacting the efficiency and responsiveness of the analytics framework. 

Impaired Time-to-Market for New Products 

Data fragmentation and siloed storage hindered the swift generation of actionable insights, creating bottlenecks in the product development and launch process. 

Inaccurate Troubleshooting 

The complexity of the implemented logic within Oracle scripts complicated issue identification and resolution, impacting the overall efficiency of problem-solving within the system. 

Fragmented Data Stitching Difficulties 

The existing on premises DW and reporting systems posed challenges in effectively stitching together disparate data parts, limiting the client’s capacity for holistic data analysis and strategic decision-making. 


The Hexaware Solution  

The Hexaware team undertook a strategic initiative to modernize the client’s legacy Data Warehouse (DW). The decision was clear: a migration to AWS Redshift.  

The move was aimed not only at enhancing overall efficiency, but at optimizing Advanced Analytics, AI/ML, and other cloud native capabilities. Our objective was to empower the business with the transformative potential of real-time data insights and reports, aligning their infrastructure with the demands of a dynamic, data-centric business landscape.  

Transforming Operations with AWS Cloud 

RAPID Data Warehouse/Data Lake 

Hexaware implemented RAPID, a centralized Data Warehouse/Data Lake solution, to address challenges associated with siloed data. This implementation enhances data accessibility but also boosts agility for operations, ensuring a more cohesive and responsive data environment. 

AWS S3 Framework for Oracle EPM 

Hexaware implemented an AWS S3 framework for Oracle EPM data storage, automating the storage process and eliminating the need for manual intervention. This framework not only enhances data security but also contributes to a more efficient and automated data storage system. 

Enhancement with Snowflake Data Tools 

HVR and Snowflake Logic Migration 

In a move to improve data pipeline efficiency, Hexaware migrated data pipelines and logic implemented in PL/SQL to HVR and Snowflake Connectors. This shift streamlines business logic and ensures real-time insights. 

Snowflake Connectors and IICS Lambda 

To enhance data replication and better handle business logic, we leveraged Snowflake Connectors and Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS) Lambda functions. This implementation optimizes data handling. 

Custom Python Connectors for Snowflake 

Hexaware developed custom Python connectors for Snowflake, streamlining data integration and enabling the direct ingestion of application data. This strategic move ensures real-time analytics for business applications. 

Snowflake Integration for OBIEE & Qlik 

Hexaware optimized reporting efficiency by repointing reports in OBIEE & Qlik to Snowflake from existing databases. Consequently, Power BI for Business & IT facilitates more efficient data visualization and analysis. 

A flexible dimensional model for staging data marts was created, designed to adapt seamlessly for future releases. 


Multi Cloud Strategy 

The strength of diverse cloud platforms, optimizing flexibility and strategic advantage. 

Simplified Data Ecosystem 

Streamlined data landscapes in the cloud reduce complexity, for improved insights. 

Pooled in Product Data   

Siloed product data on a single platform speeds time-to-market.  

40% Faster Development Time 

Achieve a 40% reduction in development time with streamlined processes. 

30% TCO Reduction  

AWS Cloud migration resulted in a 30% Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) reduction.  

Enhanced Insights 

Unlock insights, real-time reporting, and faster time-to-market.  

Simplified Database  

Schema simplification leads to superior reporting system performance. 

Lower OPEX on Cloud 

Cloud operations result in lower operational expenses and improved ROI. 

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Optimized data processes with AWS Redshift accelerate development, reduce costs, and enhance insights, ensuring operational excellence. 


Enabling a transformative shift to the Cloud, our strategic migration to AWS Cloud unlocked valuable data insights, established real-time reporting capabilities, and significantly accelerated time-to-market for our client, fostering innovation and competitive advantage in a dynamic business landscape. 

AWS Cloud empowers businesses with a data-first move, catalyzing a paradigm shift towards agility, insights, and strategic advantage. 

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