Oracle Data Base Migration to AWS Cloud   Oracle Data Base Migration to AWS Cloud  

Oracle Data Base Migration to AWS Cloud  

Accelerating Time to Market with Cloud Migration for Leading Mortgage Firm


Our client is a leading mortgage company, distinguished with strong financial performance and a net worth exceeding $40+ Billion. With a global team exceeding 7500+ professionals, the company is dedicated to optimizing their success in the dynamic mortgage-backed securities market. 


$20+ Billion in Revenue  


Business Challenges  

In the ever-evolving landscape of mortgage lending, the cloud emerges as the catalyst propelling lenders into a future defined by efficiency, security, and unparalleled adaptability. Time to market for products and services was their topmost priority.  

In the fast-paced world of mortgage lending, the need for modern capabilities depends on always having data available. Unfortunately, our client faced on-site limitations, causing unavoidable downtimes, without fault tolerance for their data ecosystem. Such issues affect the ability to respond to market needs and affect customer satisfaction.  

Additionally, security concerns loomed large. Our client faced challenges in implementing comprehensive security measures, leaving sensitive mortgage data vulnerable to potential threats. Without advanced cloud security protocols, there was an increased risk of data breaches and regulatory non-compliance, jeopardizing customer trust. 

Without cloud-based architecture, the challenges persist, highlighting the crucial role of cloud solutions in maintaining services and realizing the full potential of modern mortgage operations. 

On-premises Data Base Challenges  

Our client wanted to improve their product to market time which was being affected by on-premises Oracle databases that were split across various on-premises DB clusters and servers. Our client was facing multiple challenges with the setup, including: 

  • Escalating historical data strained the company’s infrastructure 
  • Sluggish performance and rising ownership costs due to increasing storage requirements 
  • High-licensing expenses for on-premises servers  
  • Expensive and time-consuming backup, redundancy, data retention, and restore processes 

Ultimately, even after choosing to migrate, the downtime risked impacting production, particularly for applications intolerant to significant interruptions during on-premises to cloud database migration. For this the migration had to be carefully planned and executed with precision, avoiding pitfalls. 


The Hexaware Solution 

The customer was looking for a partner for cloud strategy to help them build and manage their Oracle Database infrastructure on the cloud with an optimized environment for better cost management while ensuring high availability, security, and fault tolerance.  

Automated Database Migration Using AWS Database Migration Service 

Our cloud practice teams outlined a solution using the AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) to automate migration, one-time refreshes, ongoing synchronization, and data masking to meet the tight timelines and ensure quality in Database Migration.  

Hexaware migrated the client’s Oracle database over to Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) for Oracle, one step at a time. Starting with the smaller footprints, we tested how the queries performed in Amazon RDS for each account, tuned them, then moved on to the next. By running the on-premises database in parallel with the new target, Hexaware also retained a failsafe option and could revert if necessary.  

For larger data footprints, our cloud migration teams wrote custom scripts and used the AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) to help minimize downtime.  

We offered services for strategy, execution, and testing throughout the project, including I/O performance testing that compared database performance on AWS to the performance in the data center. The Hexaware team was instrumental in mapping on-premises Oracle Server to AWS. 


Seamless Migration to AWS Cloud with DMS 

AWS Database Migration Service ensures a secure and swift database migration with minimal application downtime. 

Efficient Database Management 

Amazon RDS for Oracle streamlines administration, handling patching, upgrades, and backups efficiently. 

Cost-Effective Performance Boost 

Infrastructure costs decreased post-migration, enhancing application performance, especially during peak activity. 

License Cost Reduction 

AWS support through Amazon RDS leads to reduced database license costs and enhanced cost visibility. 

Streamlined Operations 

Amazon RDS for Oracle offers redundancy, data retention, and system snapshots, simplifying previously manual processes. 

Operational Agility 

AWS Cloud provides flexibility, enabling swift adaptation to evolving mortgage service demands. 

Cost Optimization 

Efficient resource utilization and scalability reduce costs, ensuring a competitive edge in the market. 

Enhanced Security and Compliance 

Robust cloud security measures safeguard sensitive mortgage data, ensuring regulatory compliance and customer trust. 

Uninterrupted Customer Services 

High availability and fault tolerance mechanisms prevent downtime, sustaining seamless mortgage operations. 


AWS Cloud facilitates the integration of new technologies, positioning the client as a forerunner. 


In propelling our client to the forefront of mortgage services, our cloud services formed the bedrock for operational excellence. By seamlessly translating strategic visions into actionable plans, our execution ensured that organizational objectives were met efficiently.  

Uninterrupted services, guaranteed by high availability and fault tolerance, solidify our client’s commitment to seamless mortgage operations. Embracing the cloud not only ensures current operational prowess but also enables our client to readily incorporate emerging technologies, underscoring their commitment to sustained leadership in mortgage services. 

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